Reed straws are made of reed, which is biodegradable, 100% natural, and environmentally friendly. But you may wonder what is the Reed? Let’s see the definition in Wikipedia: Reed is a common name for several tall, grass-like plants of wetlands

Chinses Reed
What is Reed Straws

what’re the most, Reed is one of the first plants to appear in classical poetry in China. The most representative poem is “Reeds”


By the river bank, lush reeds grow,
covered in dew white as snow;
The beauty I want to know,
is somewhere along with the river flow;
Wading against the running water,
along a tough and windy path I go;
Swimming down the river flow,
I find her right in the middle.

By the river bank, dense reeds flourish,
covered in dew so fresh;
The beauty I want to search,
is somewhere along the sandy beach;
Wading against the running water,
a tough and strenuous path I pick;
Swimming along the sandy beach,
I find her on a shoal within reach.

By the river bank, thick reeds multiply,
covered in dew reflecting light;
The beauty I want to find,
is somewhere along the water line;
Wading against the running water,
a tough and long path I tried;
Swimming along the water line,
I find her right on an aisle.

Nowadays Reed straws have become an alternative to the traditional plastic straws. because, in addition to having a short lifespan, they do not harm the environment.

How to make reed straws:

How to make yourself Reed straws, here below you can click the video to learn it

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