SukeAuto is Best and Customized One-Stop ECO Products Wholesale Supply Chain Center for eco product sourcing in China. Now our world is sick because of plastic products as the video below, Sukeauto target in promoting plastic-free products to the global market.

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SUKEAUTO is known for keeping an ever-present eye on the ever-changing Eco-friendly, environmental protection Industry.  An almighty enterprise of having an ability of R&D, designing, manufacturing of ECO stainless steel products and biodegrade products. Our main products are metal straws, Gemstone roller, reed straws,  stainless steel tumbler, etc. Our key product is our patented reusable metal straws designed by our specialized technicians. it’s a high end, and its nozzle is round and smooth, thoroughly solve the problem: hurting hands and mouth. It can be called the masterwork of the straw industry. it must be a next-generation product of straw. We always have enough stocks, and we can customize all kinds of straws. Welcome dear customers to visit our factory and to purchase/customize products.

Like the saying:”Seeing What Others Don’t”. We always keep in eye on the ECO & Beauty supply chain center in China, and find the tredning ECO & Beauty products for our customer to make them “Selling What Others Don’t

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Customer Review

Our scratch-proof stainless steel straws supplier has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say SukeAuto is a good partner.
Mr. Tony, CEO of SINO∏

Their jade Massager Roller and jade gua sha tool are creative and differentiate from our Competitor. It’s a good patent one for market opportunity.
Mr.zhou, CEO at ZWTN

It’s a great apprecaited for SukeAuto timely follow-up,  I remember It’s 1:21 am in Chinese time their employee also insist on draft the PI for me to confirm with our cusomer. It’s a very effectice team I ever met, Thanks SukeAto.

Their eco products sourcing service is efficient for me to manager my export business. Sourcing all kinds of Plastic free products is kill most of my energy, not alone to negotiate the factory. With SukeAuto’s Fastest and Easiest service,I have more time to spend with my family and enjoy my vacation.

Why Us

We have deep cooperated laser priting & silk printing factory, tey own 5-10 laser priting machines, and employed experienced engineers to engrave your customized logo on the ECO products.

Our reed straws factory has accomplished completed machines line including CNC suede machine, CNC automatic cutting machine,Rotary selection machine,Semi-automatic cleaning of internal control fiber machines, steaming and disinfection machine. Along with this, we can assembly 5-8 million normal straws per month. no matter small reed straws bulk or big order of reed straws wholesale, we can ship it soon.

Each reed straws will be through Steaming and Disinfection Processing to confirm it’s no bateria status and conform with the FDA standard.

Sukeauto.com is the World’s First & Completed ECO Supply Chain Center, we Integrated with 200+ eco products factory in China, no matter what eco products you want to import, we definitely can catch up your complicated demand and helps you cut down all the cost of eco products !


Why most online sellers like Amazon, EBAY, WISH etc choose our products and service.

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