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Natural Biodegraded Reed Straws Factory & Wholesale Bulk Reed Straw Supplier

Wholesale Reed Straws Supplier & China 100% natural Reed Straws Factory & bulk reed drinking Straws manufacturer from China. SukeAuto is a professional manufacturer and Factory of various biodegradable reed Straws, we accept Custom logo of small orders from us.

Product Name: 100% natural reed drinking straws.
Materials: 100% natural real straw
Size: 140-250cm length. Normally 200*6-8mm
MOQ: 5000 PCS
Certificate: SGS, FDA, LFGB

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Wholesale Reed Straws Factory Description:

1. Our reed drinking straws made of real straw! These 100% natural drinking straws are perfect for your juices, cocktails, sodas and cold drinks.

2. We have many natural reed straws sizes available such as 140-250mm length. or as your request. 6mm-8mm in diameter

natual reed straw bulk

3. Logo Can be engraved on the straws as requirement

Logo custom reed straws

4. Our eco friendly straws can be reusable

5. You can use it for drinking baverage, juice, wine etc

6. It is good choice for bar accessory

7. Besides reusable straws, we also produce other bar accessory such as tumbler cup and ice cube/stones

8. Our reed straws are free for sample

reed straw factoryreed drinking straws factory

9. Our customized sample time is 3~5 days

10. Our production time is very fast, ordinary style only within 3 days, large order only 7~15 days

11. Our products already pass SGS & FDA


I believe we can definitely make you more money and support your eco straws project.

Why Reed straws make you more money? SAVE 50% COST!

1): Pls Read this article: https://thereedstraws.com/reed-straws-vs-bamboo-straws/
Reed straws are better than bamboo straws no matter user experience or price cost.

2): Strong Delivery Ability:

Our reed straws factory has accomplished completed machines line including CNC suede machine,
CNC automatic cutting machine,Rotary selection machine,Semi-automatic cleaning of internal control fiber machines, steaming and disinfection machine. Along with this, we can assembly 5-8 million normal straws per month. no matter small reed straws bulk or big order of reed straws wholesale, we can ship it soon.

3): Steaming and Disinfection Porcessing

Each reed straws will be through Steaming and Disinfection Processing to confirm it’s no bateria status
and conform to the FDA standard.

4): Customized Logo Demand

We purchased 2 laser printing machines and employed experienced engineers to engrave your customized logo on the reed straws

Bulk reed straws supplier Audit by SGS Test:

reed straws SGS Test

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