New Zealand’s manufacturing industry for microcurrent facial devices is as diverse as it is innovative. Several manufacturers have set up shop in this beautiful island country, producing high-quality devices for global distribution. These factories have a range of capabilities, producing devices under popular brands such as Foreo Bear and NuFace Mini, as well as crafting bespoke solutions. Here are eight key microcurrent facial device manufacturers in New Zealand.

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1 . Auckland Aesthetics Tech:

Auckland Aesthetics Tech, a significant microcurrent facial device manufacturer, has been serving the skincare industry since its establishment in 2005. Nestled in the vibrant city of Auckland, they have built a reputation for manufacturing renowned devices such as the Foreo Bear and NuFace Mini. This microcurrent facial device factory places a premium on quality materials and rigorous quality control, ensuring their devices meet the highest standards. Although this attention to detail can lead to slightly higher costs, their commitment to quality makes them a trusted choice for microcurrent facial device bulk orders.

2. Wellington Beauty Solutions:

Wellington Beauty Solutions is a standout microcurrent facial device manufacturer based in the picturesque capital of New Zealand. Since 2008, they have specialized in microcurrent facial device wholesale, reliably delivering high-quality devices for large orders. They offer a range of devices, from popular brands to bespoke models. While they excel in microcurrent facial device bulk production, they may not cater to those seeking smaller, more tailored orders.

3. Christchurch MicroTech:

Christchurch MicroTech, an established microcurrent facial manufacturer since 2000, is renowned for their efficient large-scale production capabilities. They offer an impressive array of microcurrent devices, including popular models like the Foreo Bear. Despite their efficient microcurrent facial device wholesale operations, their focus on large-scale production may restrict their flexibility in accommodating smaller, more customized orders.

4. Hamilton SkinTech:

As a prominent microcurrent facial device manufacturer, Hamilton SkinTech’s commitment to sustainability sets them apart. Operating since 2012, they’ve built a robust production line that includes notable devices such as the NuFace Mini. While their sustainable practices can occasionally lead to slower production times, their dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing processes makes them a preferred microcurrent facial device factory for environmentally-conscious consumers.

5. Tauranga Beauty Devices:

Established in 2010, Tauranga Beauty Devices has quickly grown into a competitive microcurrent facial manufacturer. Their keen focus on innovation and quality control ensures the production of top-tier microcurrent devices. Their commitment to advancing their product range can result in higher prices, which might deter budget-conscious clients from choosing them as their go-to microcurrent facial device factory

6. Dunedin Aesthetics Manufacturing:

Dunedin Aesthetics Manufacturing, a seasoned microcurrent facial device manufacturer since 2005, stands out in the microcurrent facial device wholesale market. Their robust manufacturing capabilities enable them to handle microcurrent facial device bulk orders with ease, ensuring a steady supply of popular models like the Foreo Bear. Despite their vast experience and dependable delivery, their focus on widely-used models might limit their ability to provide unique, custom solutions.

7. Napier Beauty Tech:

Napier Beauty Tech, in operation since 2000, is recognized as a versatile microcurrent facial device manufacturer. They’re skilled at meeting unique client needs, offering a broad spectrum of custom products. While this flexibility can occasionally lead to inconsistencies across product lines, it ensures that every customer’s needs are met, solidifying their reputation as a dynamic microcurrent facial device factory.

8. Palmerston North Skin Solutions:

Established in 2015, Palmerston North Skin Solutions is an eco-conscious microcurrent facial device manufacturer that specializes in sustainable manufacturing practices. Their dedication to producing eco-friendly devices may come with a higher price tag, but they have successfully carved out a niche among customers prioritizing sustainability over cost, making them a unique player in the microcurrent facial device factory market.

Conclusion about Wholesale Microcurrent Facial Devices Manufacturers in New Zealand

In conclusion, the New Zealand microcurrent facial device manufacturing landscape is diverse, with each manufacturer offering unique strengths and capabilities. From sustainable practices to wholesale production capabilities, these manufacturers help meet the growing global demand for high-quality microcurrent facial devices.


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