Microcurrent facial devices have become a popular product in the skincare market, offering a non-surgical method for enhancing facial contours and improving skin tone. In the United Kingdom, several manufacturers have emerged to meet this growing demand. These manufacturers produce a variety of microcurrent facial devices, often providing wholesale and bulk options for retailers and spas. This list includes companies that have manufactured or are capable of manufacturing such devices, including devices similar to popular brands like Foreo Bear and Nuface Mini.

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1.Universal Aesthetics Ltd.

London’s Universal Aesthetics Ltd. is a leading microcurrent device manufacturer known for its high-quality microcurrent facial devices. Their manufacturing capabilities are extensive, with a focus on quality control and innovative technology. Their premium market orientation might limit their accessibility for businesses with budget constraints, despite their capabilities resembling a nuface mini manufacturer.

2. Harley Waxing Ltd.

Bristol-based Harley Waxing Ltd. is a versatile microcurrent facial manufacturer with a diverse product range. Their adaptable manufacturing processes allow them to keep up with market trends. They can handle bulk production similar to a Foreo Bear manufacturer, showcasing their production capabilities. However, as they’ve expanded from waxing products to microcurrent facial devices, their depth of specialization might be less than manufacturers focusing solely on microcurrent devices.

3. Hive of Beauty Ltd.

Operating from Staffordshire, Hive of Beauty Ltd. is a microcurrent facial device factory with an extensive product range. They have robust manufacturing capabilities, offering both wholesale and bulk options. Their customer-centric approach and focus on quality mirror the best practices of a nuface mini manufacturer. However, their extensive product range might dilute their specialization in microcurrent facial device manufacturing.

4. Sensica Ltd.

Sensica Ltd., based in Birmingham, is a young yet innovative microcurrent facial device manufacturer. Their manufacturing processes are underpinned by cutting-edge technology and strict quality control measures, ensuring high-quality output for both microcurrent facial device wholesale and bulk orders. As a relatively new company, they may lack the long-standing reputation of more established manufacturers.

5. Silhouet-Tone Corporation UK Ltd.

With its headquarters in Manchester, Silhouet-Tone Corporation UK Ltd. is a leading microcurrent device manufacturer. They can manufacture devices comparable to popular brands like Foreo Bear, thanks to their meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology. Despite these strengths, their focus on premium products might translate into higher manufacturing costs, making them less attractive for budget-conscious businesses.

6. Body Sculpture Ltd.

Based in Leeds, Body Sculpture Ltd. is a well-established microcurrent facial manufacturer with a broad product offering. They have substantial manufacturing capabilities, capable of managing multiple product lines simultaneously, akin to a high-output microcurrent device manufacturer. However, their broad product range may mean less specialized knowledge in microcurrent facial device manufacturing.

7. Bio-Therapeutic UK Ltd.

Bio-Therapeutic UK Ltd., a reputed microcurrent facial device factory in London, prides itself on its rigorous manufacturing processes. From precision engineering to stringent quality control, their microcurrent facial device wholesale and bulk manufacturing capabilities ensure high-volume availability. Despite these strengths, their focus on premium markets may lead to higher production costs, potentially making it less accessible for budget-conscious businesses.

8. SmoothSkin Medical Devices Ltd.

This microcurrent facial device manufacturer, headquartered in Swansea, uses state-of-the-art technology and superior engineering techniques. Known as a leader in producing high-quality beauty devices, their manufacturing capabilities are impeccable. The factory can handle microcurrent facial device wholesale and bulk production, ensuring large-scale availability. While the focus on quality ensures an output similar to premium brands like Nuface Mini, it can also mean higher production costs, a potential downside for smaller businesses seeking affordability.

Conclusion about Wholesale Microcurrent Facial Devices manufacturers in UK

The UK is home to a diverse range of microcurrent facial device manufacturers. These manufacturers, with varying specialisations and capabilities, offer both wholesale and bulk options for businesses. From those producing devices similar to popular brands such as Foreo Bear and Nuface Mini to those offering a wide range of beauty devices, the UK boasts a plethora of choices for businesses in need of microcurrent facial devices.


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