The U.S. and China have already put in place tariffs on $50 billion of each other’s imports since July as tensions escalated despite several rounds of talks. Trump has criticized China’s record trade surplus with the U.S. and openly questioned whether it was manipulating its currency.
Trump raised the ante, vowing to target an additional $200 billion of Chinese goods.


With reference to stainless steel straws imported from China to the USA, many customers are concerned about tax & tariff that Does US Impose 25% Tax on China’s Stainless Steel Straws? Therefore today SukeAuto – Professional metal straws factory will show the result of the tax of metal straws imposed by the US Government.

Firstly, let’s check to search stainless steel straws HS Code: 73239300 as below: it shows tariff of metal straw is 2.7% as usual as before.

US Impose 25% tax on stainless steel straws imported from China

Second: let’s check tariff list of goods that the United States has levied 50 billion trade tariffs on China and the goods that add 200 billion trade tariffs.

List of $200 billion tariff items:

When checked all the list by stainless steel straws HS Code: 73239300, we found that stainless steel straw is not on the list of all tariff imposed by US government.

stainless steel straws HS Code


Tariff of stainless steel straw imported from China to the USA is 2%,according to H.S code: 73239300. We are lucky we don’t have to impact on trade sanction. It’s great news for grow market of metal straws in 2019 for the US market. And if you know how to import metal from China you could check:

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