South Africa, known for its bountiful sunshine and outdoor culture, has a burgeoning market for sun protection products. Among these, sunscreen sticks are gaining popularity for their convenience and mess-free application. Here is a list of the top 8 sunscreen stick manufacturers in South Africa, evaluating their history, location, manufacturing capabilities, and the pros and cons in their manufacturing processes.

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Top 8 Sunscreen Stick Manufacturers in South Africa

Everysun Sunscreen Stick Factory

Established in the early 2000s, Everysun Sunscreen Stick Factory has earned its reputation as a leading sunscreen stick manufacturer in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, this factory specializes in producing a variety of sun protection products, including sunscreen sticks. The manufacturing process is highly streamlined, utilizing advanced technology and employing a skilled workforce. They offer sunscreen stick wholesale and bulk options, making them a preferred sunscreen stick supplier for many businesses.

However, Everysun’s highly automated process can sometimes lead to a lack of customization options. Moreover, being situated in Johannesburg, the factory may not be easily accessible to businesses located in remote areas.

SunSkin Sunstick Supplier

SunSkin is a renowned name based in Cape Town, operating since the late 1990s. It is primarily known for its ‘sun stick’ variant. They use natural ingredients in their manufacturing process, ensuring high-quality sun protection products. SunSkin is well-regarded for offering custom formulations, making it a sought-after sunscreen stick wholesale partner.

On the downside, SunSkin’s focus on using natural ingredients may result in higher costs. Additionally, the capacity for bulk orders might be limited due to their attention to product quality.

UVGuard Sun Protection Manufacturer

UVGuard, based in Durban, started its operations in the early 2010s. It focuses on incorporating innovative technologies into its products, which include sunscreen sticks. The manufacturing facility boasts cutting-edge machinery and a dedicated R&D team. UVGuard offers sunscreen stick bulk options, catering to various businesses and customers.

However, the innovative focus can result in slightly premium pricing. Also, they sometimes face supply chain challenges due to their reliance on specific technologies.

SolarShield Sunscreen Stick Factory

Established in 2008, SolarShield is located in Pretoria and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of sun protection products. It has made a name for itself by supplying high-quality sunscreen sticks to both local and international markets. With its large-scale production capabilities, SolarShield is ideal for businesses seeking sunscreen stick wholesale options.

However, the factory might not be the best option for small-scale buyers as it primarily focuses on large orders. International shipping can also be costly and time-consuming.

Sunwise Sun Protection Manufacturer

Sunwise, founded in the mid-2000s and located in Port Elizabeth, is known for its eco-friendly approach to manufacturing sun protection products including sunscreen sticks. Its commitment to sustainability makes it a popular choice among environmentally-conscious consumers and businesses.

A potential disadvantage is that the eco-friendly materials used can sometimes lead to higher product prices. Additionally, the manufacturing process may be slower due to their sustainability commitment.

SunBlock Factory

Situated in Bloemfontein, SunBlock Factory has been in operation since the early 2010s. They are known for their versatile range of sun protection products, including sunscreen sticks. Their manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technologies and they offer sunscreen stick bulk options.

However, their central location may pose logistical challenges for coastal businesses. Also, they have a limited range of organic products.

PureSun Sunscreen Manufacturer

PureSun, based in Polokwane, was established in 2012. They specialize in manufacturing sunscreen sticks using organic ingredients. Their sunscreen sticks are highly sought after for their skin-friendly properties. As a sunscreen stick supplier, PureSun caters to both local and international markets.

A limitation is that PureSun’s focus on organic ingredients can drive up costs. Their location in Polokwane may also pose logistical challenges for businesses in major cities.

SolarSafe Sunscreen Stick Factory

Located in East London, SolarSafe began operations in the early 2000s. Their manufacturing process prioritizes safety and efficacy. They offer a range of sunscreen sticks that cater to different skin types. They are an excellent option for businesses looking for sunscreen stick wholesale and bulk options.

However, SolarSafe’s focus on safety and compliance may slow down production times. Their range of scented products is also limited.

Conclusion about Sunscreen Stick Manufacturers in South Africa

South Africa is home to an array of sunscreen stick manufacturers. From organic products to large-scale manufacturing, these companies offer a diverse range of options. When selecting a sunscreen stick factory or supplier, it is vital to consider factors such as location, manufacturing capabilities, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.


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