The importance of sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful UV rays cannot be overstated. In New Zealand, the demand for sun sticks is growing due to their convenience and ease of application. Here are the top 8 sunscreen stick manufacturers that are setting the pace in the market.

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Top 8 Sunscreen Stick Manufacturers in New Zealand

1. Skinnies

Based in Wellington, Skinnies was founded with an aim to revolutionize sun protection. They originated as a modest sunscreen stick factory but have since become a leading sunscreen stick supplier in New Zealand. Their history is marked by their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Skinnies’ manufacturing capabilities include using organogel technology which forms a film on the skin and offers long-lasting protection.

In terms of advantages, Skinnies’ innovative approach to packaging using bio-plastic sugar cane tubes significantly reduces plastic waste. However, the disadvantage lies in the price point, as their dedication to sustainability and quality might make their products somewhat more expensive compared to conventional sunscreens.

2. Oasis Beauty

Oasis Beauty, located in Oxford, Canterbury, was founded by Stephanie Evans in 2002. Over the years, the company has developed a range of skincare products, and their sunscreen stick line is particularly notable. They have invested in manufacturing facilities that ensure their products are made to the highest standards, featuring natural ingredients.

The primary advantage of Oasis Beauty’s sun sticks is the inclusion of skin-nourishing ingredients, which makes them suitable for sensitive skin. The disadvantage is that being a small company, their manufacturing capacity is limited, and as such, they might not be the best option for large scale sunscreen stick wholesale or sunscreen stick bulk orders.

3. Snowberry

Situated in Auckland, Snowberry began with the philosophy of producing skincare products that do not harm the environment. Their sun stick range is made using eco-friendly processes and ingredients. Snowberry’s manufacturing facility is carboNZero certified, meaning they have a reduced carbon footprint.

Snowberry’s products are revered for their natural ingredients and environmentally conscious processes. However, their focus on high-quality ingredients can make their products less affordable to some consumers.

4. Pure Blend

Pure Blend is a family-owned business located in Kaeo, Northland. Founded in 2002, it has grown into a prominent sunscreen stick supplier. They specialize in handmade, natural skincare products, including sun sticks. Their manufacturing process includes the use of organic ingredients, which are hand-selected to ensure quality.

The advantage of Pure Blend is the personalized touch and quality control in their sun sticks. However, the manual aspect of their manufacturing process can limit their ability to supply sunscreen stick wholesale or in bulk.

5. Surf Life Saving Sunscreen

Established in the 1990s, Surf Life Saving Sunscreen is based in Auckland. They focus on producing sun protection products including sun sticks. The company reinvests its profits into the Surf Life Saving community. Their manufacturing capabilities allow them to produce sunscreen sticks that are water-resistant and durable.

The advantage lies in their community support and quality products. The disadvantage is that their product range is less diverse compared to other manufacturers.

6. By Nature

By Nature is based in Auckland and prides itself on producing natural skincare products, including sun sticks. Their production process involves carefully sourced ingredients and strict quality control. They offer sunscreen stick wholesale and sunscreen stick bulk options.

An advantage of By Nature is their commitment to natural ingredients. A potential disadvantage is that natural products sometimes have a shorter shelf life compared to those with preservatives.

7. EVOHE Skincare

Located in Queenstown, EVOHE Skincare has a history of producing natural and ethical skincare products. Their sunscreen stick range is made using natural ingredients, with an emphasis on sustainability. Their manufacturing process is aimed at reducing environmental impact.

EVOHE’s advantage is in their ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. However, these practices may lead to higher costs for the consumer.

8. Sunsational Sunscreens

Sunsational Sunscreens is based in Rotorua, and it has been producing sun protection products since the 1990s. They have a comprehensive range of sunscreen products, including sun sticks. They offer sunscreen stick wholesale and sunscreen stick bulk options.

Sunsational Sunscreens has an advantage in their extensive experience and large-scale manufacturing capabilities. However, they are not as focused on natural ingredients as some of the other manufacturers on this list.

Conclusion about Sunscreen Stick Manufacturers in New Zealand

New Zealand’s sunscreen stick manufacturers offer diverse options catering to different preferences. With Skinnies’ sustainable packaging, Oasis Beauty’s skin-nourishing ingredients, and Sunsational Sunscreens’ large-scale manufacturing capabilities, the choices are aplenty. While considering factors like natural ingredients and sustainability is important, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is essential. New Zealand proves to be a strong contender in the market with its dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness in sun stick production.


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