According to the data from Google, the metal straw is growing sharply and if we have to describe this situation, then “crazy growing” can be the word.

metal straws bulk

A newbie who wants to start metal straws bulk business, often ask the question:

1: where to find real stainless steel Straws manufacturers

2: How to make sure that wholesale metal straws can be premium quality

When you search for these answers from the Internet, they nearly get no answer from Google or Quora.
Therefore Sukeauto – professional stainless steel straws supplier in China, give a deep analysis of 4 main Stainless Steel Straws Manufacturers base center for Metal Straws bulk.

First: Shenzhen metal straws manufacturer center- Highest Quality

Shenzhen is the center of hardware machining, any kinds of metal parts can turn out from your idea. Therefore the small stainless steel straw for Shenzhen is easy to turn them out. But the price of wholesale stainless steel straws is higher than manufacturing center, why happen to that?

Shenzhen labor costs have risen 60% for three years, another reason is the rent cost rising nearly double than other places.

Therefore, we don’t suggest you purchase stainless steel straws bulk from Shenzhen metal straws factory, otherwise, they are a just office in Shenzhen, and the factory is in other places to save the labor and rent cost. Then you can get a cheaper price for the reusable straws bulk.

Second: Dongguan steel straws manufacturer: Middle Quality-High Quality

Dongguan’s medium and high-end precision stainless steel tube market accounts for 10%-15% of the total market share, of which 5% is occupied by foreign brands, and the remaining 5%-10% of precision stainless steel pipe fittings are high – the market is well known in Dongguan, China. Industrial Research Institute estimates that the market size of China’s Dongguan precision stainless steel pipe will be around 90 billion US dollar in 2019.

Therefore, there are so many stainless steel straw company knew the tends of metal straws for drinking. After 2017 the first metal straw factory was starting to produce the silver stainless steel straws to export to overseas market. Now Dongguan’s stainless straws manufacturer is getting matured in metal straws industry.
But a few of the supplier is producing high-quality metal straws, most of them to do middle quality. If you are a newbie who wants to start metal straws wholesale business, you could consider choosing Gongguan metal straws supplier. But how to verify middle and high quality, you could check the article in section 2

Third: Jieyang stainless straws manufacturer: Mainly Low-end Quality

The hardware and stainless steel products manufacturing enterprises in Jieyang City are mainly concentrated in Wucheng District, Experimental Area, Dongshan District, and Jiedong County. The main products include construction hardware, decorative hardware, tool hardware, daily stainless steel products, cookware, locks, kitchen equipment, zippers, More than 2,000 varieties of aluminum alloys and other major categories, including daily stainless steel products accounted for about 14% of the province. In 2009, Jieyang City’s hardware stainless steel production enterprises reached more than 3,000, achieving a total industrial output value of about 45 billion yuan, of which: about 60 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. The city now has about 339 hardware stainless steel enterprises above designated size, accounting for 25% of the city’s industrial enterprises above designated size. The cold rolling processing industry in Jieyang City is developing strongly. There are 100 enterprises on the scale and the top grade, with an annual production capacity of about 5 million tons.

Even though Jieyang makes a big achievement on the stainless steel industry, Jieyang’s low-quality of raw material and rough manufacturing is messing the niche market of stainless steel straws. You know it’s very bad they don’t care the safety of sliver straw, just export the low price steel straw even 201 straw and sharp-ends of the straw to overseas, mostly to South East Asia such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Therefore we don’t suggest you wholesale steel straws from Jieyang, it has to an unexpected risk to hurt your end customer.

Last: Yuyao /Yongkang city-Middle Quality

In recent years, Yuyao’s hardware products industry has grown at an average annual growth rate of over 25%. The industrial scale has been expanding and the industrial cluster effect has become increasingly apparent. It has become a pillar industrial cluster in Yuyao City. According to Luo Baihui, head of the International Association of Moulds and Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers, the output value of the three industrial clusters of kitchen and bathroom appliances, electric tools, stainless steel pipe belts, and products in the hardware industry of Yuyao City is over 5 billion yuan. There are more than 42 leading enterprises with annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan, nearly 120 enterprises with more than 50 million yuan, and more than 600 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan.

Stainless steel tube belt and stainless steel products industry: There are more than 150 existing production enterprises, including nearly 100 stainless steel tube production enterprises, mainly concentrated in Yaodong three towns. The annual production capacity of stainless steel tubes is 400,000 tons, which has become Stainless steel manufacturing base of Zhejiang and even East China. There are nearly 50 stainless steel tableware and kitchen utensils manufacturers, most of which are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America and the Middle East. In 2007, the output value of the whole industry was 5.3 billion yuan, and there were 10 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan. Ningbo Jinxing, Ningbo Baocheng, and other enterprises have an output value of more than 300 million yuan.

Therefore, Yuyao can be easily manufacturing the stainless steel straws. If your other business is in Zhejiang Province, you could consider wholesale stainless steel straws from Yuyao vendor.

How to make sure that wholesale metal straws can be premium quality?

It will be a lot more difficult to find a quality supplier of Stainless Steel straws than you could have ever imagined when first wholesale metal straws from China. Here the article will teach you how to verify high quality to buy metal straws from China?

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