When Seattle becomes the first major U.S. city to ban plastic straws, many people are searching new eco straws to replace it, normally they choose best Stainless Steel Straws or reusable paper straws. Also, more businessman are looking for stainless steel straws made in USA, or stainless steel straws wholesale USA. However, is that real stainless steel straws made in USA, or metal straws wholesale USA.

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Let us look back at the history of the development of stainless steel straws.

In 2016, Chen Yijie, who once worked for the Taiwan Environmental Information Association, calls on the public to pay attention to environmental protection. “I have been thinking for a while, we are always asking everyone not to do anything, is there any other way for the public to do? Choice?” Chen Yijie said that some things are often used by people, such as straws, sometimes necessary for children and patients, especially children love to bite the straw, if you want everyone to abandon the plastic straw, is it possible to make non-plastic, The straw is an option?

In the beginning, Chen Yijie once wanted to promote the stainless steel straws made in China directly in Taiwan but was dismissed by Mr. Zhu Xuejie. “Do you dare to use the stainless steel straw Kmart inside?” After a few months, Zhu Xuejie found a factory in Taiwan that is willing to take orders. The two began to invest in the development of stainless steel straws, starting from the source of raw materials, commissioned a factory specializing in the production of medical equipment to make stainless steel straws, not only in the space filled with inert gas, to avoid oxidation, and the inside and outside of the straw are polished several times until the mirror surface, Carefully remove the sharp edge of the straw incision, and then wash it several times with ultrasonic waves. The whole process can be as many as 30 times. The workmanship is complicated, and only one inspection can be carried out before shipment, as long as there is a small scratch or uneven surface. Returning to the factory for the redo, the highest has ever sent a box and returned a half-box record.

Now we could sure stainless steel straws are not made in USA, Even though you can do stainless steel straws wholesale from USA., However, is made in Taiwan, China, now 90% of stainless steel straws are made by Chinese stainless steel straws supplier. But how to buy sipwell stainless steel straws From China, you could check as below:

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When you know reusable straws or metal smoothie straws are made in China, you must care for the tariff of stainless steel straws from China, how to know that? You could check as below:

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