According to Google trends shows that the Phillippine is the fourth country that interested in stainless steel straws as below when they search where to buy stainless steel straws, they still don’t know where is the metal straws made originally. Actually, As the high qualified metal straws factory, we definitely ensure you 90% of metal straws are exported from China. if stainless steel straws wholesale philippines want to how to find stainless steel straw supplier, you could check below

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phillippine metal straw trend

However, all the Chinese stainless steel straws factory only quote the EXW Price of Reusable metal drinking straws, truly all the Philippine customer is happy with the price. But when stainless steel straws wholesale philippines parcel ship to Philippines customs, they have to pay high import tariff or landed tax, It will cost a lot of their cost. We checked Philippines tax and duty from (, it shows the standard tariff is 15%,

metal straws tax of philippines

but actually, our customers respond much higher than 15 %. Here is the proof of our customer to import metal straws from ours.

tax dhl
tax for metal straws

Can you believe that is nearly 30% of their payment of the order? Many Philippines complain about it and want to reduce tax of metal straws form Philippines customs, But they don’t know how to do that. Therefore, Sukeauto now shares you how to reduce tax of metal straws form Philippines customs or get cheaper tariff.

There are 3 situations to do that:

  • Quantity less than 3500pcs: Sukeauto suggest normal express, together pay the tax fee, you could ask your manufacturer to writer LOW AMOUNT of your payment in PI.
  • Quantity more than 5000pcs: Sukeauto suggests you choose UPS AIR SHIPPING without tax in Philippine’s custom. Shipping fee is $7.73/g Shipping time is around 5-7 days.
  • Quantity more than 7500pcs: Sukeauto suggests UPS SEA SHIPPING without tax in Philippine’s custom. Shipping fee $ 330, However time is too long, it will take 15-20 working days to your place.

Conclusion: if you metal straws grow fast in Phillippine, you could consider the choice 3 to ship in advance 20 days to stock in your warehouse.