Pop it fidget toys or push pop bubble fidget toy (please check push pop bubble bidget toy manufacturer, to import push pop poke sensory fidget) is overwhelming with the market according to Google trends.

pop it fidget toys Trademark Affairs

Many middlemen or trading companies are expecting to import the pop it fidget toy But they worry if there is a lawsuit of patent or trademark.
Also Recently, I was swiped by the push pop poke sensory fidget toy, and opened the daily best-selling list and new product list of various Amazon sites. There are endless squeeze toys of various shapes. There are also a lot of friends who are asking me whether the push pop fidget toy can be applied for a patent? The products we analyzed are all 1#BEST SELLER, which happens to meet the conditions. I took this opportunity to analyze the patent situation related pop push pop bubble fidget toy that I inquired.

pop it fidget toy wholesale
pop it fidget toy wholesale

Trademark Affairs

First of all, this pop it fidget toy was first launched by FORMIND GROUP LTD. called Rodent Pioneer. It was launched as early as 4-5 years ago. This year it exploded. It is not ruled out that it is due to the epidemic. The general pressure is relatively high, so the demand for decompression toys is relatively high

Does this product have a patent application? We conducted a targeted search in the United States and the European Union based on the applicant and product information!

Appearance patent in the USA

The information inquired is that there are no related patents that have been authorized in the United States, and FORMIND GROUP LTD. has not successfully applied for any product patents in Europe and the United States!

However, it should be noted that FORMIND applied for a trademark for the appearance of these two products on October 17, 2020. We analyzed that the most likely is that the applied patent has been rejected or the patent is in the process of application, so the application of the trademark has made a remedy. Of course, the current trademark It is during the audit and has not been successfully authorized, but it is also necessary to be alert to its existing risks.

push pop fidget toys patent
pop it fidget toys patent

Appearance patent in EU:

On the other hand, we also made targeted inquiries for products in the EU and indeed found patents of different designs in the EU. The patent application time was mainly concentrated after 2020.11.20. It is not ruled out that it is because of the popularity and the cybersquatting by third-party sellers. layout! (European Union patents are a registration system, and the accelerated examination method can be issued as soon as one week. Complaints are valid for products that are on the shelves after the patent application date)


The product is very hot, and the risks related to its patent cannot be ignored. Prohibited words: 1/GoBang 2/Foxming 3/Gobang 4/push pop it fidget 5/push pop bubble 6/popfidget 7/popfidget 8/push bubble 9/fidget toy 10/push pop 11/pop it. Don’t use these keywords of this Educational Toys. Whether it is on the shelf or not depends on you. We still recommend it and consider it carefully! After all, it’s just a case of changing a bike to a motorcycle.

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