When you care about the Whole Foods industry in the USA, you knew Whole Foods is ramping up its war on disposable plastic. We don’t need to say much about the plastic straw ban.

This January, Washington D.C. became the second city in the United States to ban plastic straws. And a person we should use the reusable straws to attend the pledging to make our earth better.

Everyone used the metal straws for yeti cups or for stainless steel tumblers, would like to buy metal bendy straws, because of it’s easy to suck the water or coffee.

As the professional bent stainless steel straws manufacturers, we here today to introduce how to manufacturer bent stainless steel straws.
First, let us enjoy a video that makes the metal bendy straw as below:

As you can see above, the bendy stainless steel drinking straws are manufactured by a customized bending machine that adjusts a fixed angle to bend the metal drinking straws. And for Sukeauto metal smoothie straws, our specific angle is 56 degree no matter what size of the reusable steel straws as below:

bent netal straws
metal bendy straws
bent stainless steel straws

You may ask what will the metal bendy straws be blocking water circulation when drinking something. To be honest we never happened to that problem considering we shipped 10 million best stainless steel straws.

Bubble tea bent stainless steel straws wholesale, Possible?

If you wholesale metal straws from China, you may ask why the 12mm bubble tea straw can’t be bendy and never see the bent bubble tea straws in the market. Well, this is very good questions, let us explain it.

The diameter of bubble tea metal straw is so wide that will be out of shape to a specific angle. Considering too high defective rate and Pearl powder blocked at the bend. No metal straws factory is willing to offer the bent bubble tea metal straws to the market.


If you want to do metal straws bulk business and to do the metal bendy straws wholesale you can contact Sukeauto.