The world of makeup is vast, and one of the unsung heroes of this universe is the kabuki brush. Essential for both professional makeup artists and everyday beauty enthusiasts, this brush plays a pivotal role in ensuring a flawless application. In the UK, which is a hub for beauty and fashion, the demand for the best makeup brushes is ever-increasing. Several manufacturers have risen to the occasion, supplying top-quality brushes to meet this demand. Let’s delve into the UK’s kabuki brush industry, exploring supply chain centres, the top manufacturers, and the essential certifications required.

A renowned makeup brush manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Sukeauto Makeup Tools has been in operation for over a decade. The company prides itself on its high-quality products, which range from individual brushes to complete makeup brush sets. Known as a leading private label makeup brush manufacturer, they offer services to numerous global brands.

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Sukeauto specializes in custom makeup brushes manufacturing, accommodating the unique needs of each client. Their brushes are designed using high-quality materials that ensure longevity and optimal performance. They also offer wholesale makeup brushes and provide shipping services to various parts of the globe.


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Part 1:Supply Chain Centers of Kabuki Brush Suppliers in UK


Located at the heart of England, Birmingham boasts a rich history of manufacturing and trade. As the second-largest city in the UK, it has been a prime location for beauty product suppliers, including kabuki makeup brush wholesale distributors. The city’s robust infrastructure, extensive network of suppliers, and easy access to transport make it an ideal location for suppliers to set up shop. Additionally, Birmingham’s cultural diversity reflects in its product range, catering to a broad spectrum of customers.


Another significant hub is Manchester, located in Northwest England. The city’s bustling trade environment makes it a magnet for manufacturers and suppliers. Many of the best makeup brush manufacturers have found their home here, offering a range of products that extend beyond the kabuki brush. Manchester’s beauty industry thrives on innovation and the desire to provide quality products, creating a favourable environment for growth and development.


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Part 2: Top 6 Wholesale Kabuki Brush Manufacturer in UK

Zamira Kabuki Brush Manufacturer

Situated in Birmingham, Zamira Kabuki Brush Manufacturer is one of the leaders in the industry. Their journey began decades ago with a mission to craft the perfect brush. Today, they offer a range that goes beyond the kabuki brush, including cream blush brush manufacturing. One advantage of Zamira is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production methods.

Luxe Beauty Co

Based in Manchester, Luxe Beauty Co. prides itself on producing brushes that makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike cherish. Their history is steeped in innovation and quality assurance. From kabuki brushes to an extensive line-up of other beauty tools, Luxe ensures top-tier products. Their primary advantage? An unmatched attention to detail and rigorous quality testing.


Located in London, BeauteCraft has been a staple in the beauty industry for years. They have carved their niche by being a cream blush brush manufacturer, but their kabuki brushes are equally commendable. With a rich heritage and an emphasis on staying ahead of trends, BeauteCraft promises quality and style in every brush.

Enchanté Brushes Ltd

Operating out of Birmingham, Enchanté Brushes is synonymous with elegance and efficiency. Their illustrious history speaks volumes of their commitment to the beauty industry. Not just a kabuki brush factory, they provide a holistic range of makeup brushes catering to every need. Their advantage? A blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques.

Bdellium Tools

Located in Los Angeles, California, Bdellium Tools is a renowned makeup brush manufacturer. They offer a wide range of high-quality brushes, including custom-made makeup brushes and wholesale makeup brushes.

Bdellium Tools is known for its innovative brush designs, commitment to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction. As a makeup brush wholesale vendor, they offer businesses competitive prices and assured product quality.

Artisan Beauty Supplies:

Manchester’s Artisan Beauty Supplies is a testament to the city’s thriving beauty sector. Their brushes, especially the kabuki ones, are renowned for durability and precision. The brand values transparency, often detailing their manufacturing process to customers. Apart from kabuki brushes, they have an expansive product range that caters to diverse makeup needs.

Dusk Till Dawn Brushes:

Hailing from London, Dusk Till Dawn Brushes brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Their philosophy is simple – beauty tools should be as enchanting as the makeup they help apply. Specializing in both kabuki and cream blush brushes, they promise products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their strength? Constant innovation and a finger on the pulse of beauty trends.

Part 3:Basic Certification of Kabuki Brush Factory to sell

For a kabuki brush factory to sell their products in the UK, certain certifications are non-negotiable. This ensures consumer safety and product quality. Some of these certifications include:

ISO Certification: This international standard ensures that the factory’s processes, services, and products meet quality and safety standards.

Vegan Certification: To claim that brushes are cruelty-free or vegan, manufacturers must acquire this certification.

Safety Assessment: Brushes, especially those meant for the face, need to undergo safety assessments to ensure they don’t cause harm or allergic reactions

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification: This ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

Conclusion About Wholesale Kabuki Brush Manufacturer in UK

In the realm of beauty and cosmetics, the UK stands as a beacon of quality and innovation, particularly in the kabuki brush industry. With pivotal supply chain centres like Birmingham and Manchester, a plethora of top-tier manufacturers such as Zamira Kabuki Brush Manufacturer, and stringent certifications ensuring product safety and excellence, the UK continues to cement its reputation as a global leader in makeup tools. Whether you’re in business or simply an enthusiast, the nation promises unmatched quality and diversity in every brush stroke.


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