Australia is known for its pristine nature and the active lifestyle of its inhabitants. An essential part of the outdoor lifestyle is staying hydrated, and for that, the people rely on insulated water bottles. The market for insulated water bottles in Australia is growing, and a few manufacturers have taken the lead in this segment. Here, we highlight the top 8 wholesale insulated water bottle manufacturers in Australia.

Sukeauto, an Insulated water bottle manufacturer, has been in operation since 2013. It’s headquartered in ShenZhen, but its large scale manufacturing facilities are located in Zhejiang. The company specializes in eco-friendly products, with stainless steel water bottles being one of their main product lines. They provide a variety of options, including insulated, non-insulated, wide mouth, and narrow mouth bottles. Their manufacturing capabilities, bolstered by advanced machinery and a skilled workforce, allow them to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

What sets Sukeauto apart is their commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability, which is reflected in their product line. As a stainless steel water bottle wholesale supplier, they offer not just quality but also a wide array of customization options to cater to various business needs. However, being a company with a broad focus on multiple eco-products, they might not provide the same level of specialization as companies focusing solely on stainless steel water bottles.


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Top 8 Wholesale Insulated Water Bottle Manufacturers in Australia

Cheeki is an insulated water bottle manufacturer that was established on Freshwater Beach in Sydney, Australia. Their high-quality stainless steel bottles include the popular 40oz water bottle and 64 oz insulated water bottle. The company is widely recognized for its innovative designs and the quality of its insulation, ensuring that beverages maintain their temperature for long durations.

Cheeki is not just a leader in the industry but also an advocate for sustainability. The company emphasizes its commitment to reducing plastic pollution and encourages customers to reuse their bottles. Their products are BPA-free, recyclable, and designed to last a lifetime. The brand also extends its commitment to sustainability by manufacturing a line of insulated water jugs and double wall water bottles. Its extensive product range and strong environmental ethos have helped it establish a significant presence in the wholesale market in Australia and beyond.

Thermos, a well-known global brand, also has a substantial presence in Australia. With more than a century-long history, the company specializes in the production of insulated bottles. Their broad product line caters to various consumer needs with offerings such as bulk insulated water bottles and double wall water bottles.

Thermos is renowned for its Vacuum Insulation Technology that offers maximum temperature retention, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for many hours. They have products suitable for all demographics, from kids to adults. With a reputation for durability, functionality, and aesthetic design, Thermos Australia has become a preferred choice for many looking for insulated water bottles.

Ecococoon, a Brisbane-based insulated water bottle and steel tumbler manufacturers in Australia, is known for its unique “cocoon cap” system, which provides a spill-proof design for their bottles. Their product line includes various sizes, including the sought-after 40oz water bottle. The company’s stainless steel bottles are double-walled, making them vacuum-insulated and perfect for maintaining the temperature of your beverages.

Ecococoon is committed to sustainability and conscious living. Their bottles are 100% BPA-free and made to last, promoting reuse over single-use plastic bottles. They offer both individual and bulk insulated water bottles to cater to different customer needs, further solidifying their reputation in the wholesale marke

As an insulated water bottle manufacturer, Oasis stands out for its affordable yet high-quality products. With an impressive range of water bottles, tumblers, and coolers, their product line includes options like insulated water bottles with straws, making them a versatile choice for various consumers.

Based in Melbourne, Oasis is committed to sustainability, with all products being BPA-free and designed to reduce the need for single-use plastics. They offer both retail and wholesale insulated water bottles, making their products widely accessible throughout Australia and beyond. Their vacuum-insulated, stainless steel bottles are ideal for everyday use, from office environments to outdoor adventures, marking their territory in the Australian insulated water bottle market.


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Klean Kanteen, a renowned brand worldwide, has a significant footprint in Australia too. The company offers a vast range of insulated water bottles, catering to the diverse needs of its consumers. Their product portfolio includes insulated water bottles with straws and large-capacity 64 oz insulated water bottles.

Klean Kanteen is not just a manufacturer but also an advocate for better planet practices. They were one of the first stainless steel, BPA-free, insulated bottle manufacturers, promoting healthy and sustainable solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and service has made it a popular choice in Australia’s wholesale market

Onya, based in Western Australia, is a pioneer in eco-friendly products, including a line of insulated water bottles. Their bottles are 100% BPA-free and made from food-grade stainless steel. They also offer double wall water bottle wholesale, making them a favorite among businesses and individuals seeking bulk purchases.

Onya’s innovative designs and commitment to sustainability have set them apart in the market. Their vacuum insulated water bottles are designed to keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. The company’s focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability has helped it carve a unique niche in Australia’s insulated water bottle market.

Earth Bottles is a luxury boutique brand known for its eco-friendly insulated water bottles. The company provides a stylish and sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. The range includes bulk insulated water bottles and bottles with varying capacities, catering to different customer needs.

The company not only produces high-quality products but is also committed to environmental conservation. A portion of their sales goes towards organizations committed to cleaning up our oceans, showcasing their dedication to the cause. Their dedication to quality and sustainability makes Earth Bottles a favorite among the wholesale insulated water bottle manufacturers in Australia.

360 Degrees

360 Degrees, an outdoor equipment company, offers a range of insulated water bottles suitable for outdoor adventures. The brand’s product line includes vacuum insulated water bottles and double wall water bottles, all designed to withstand rugged use.

360 Degrees prides itself on providing affordable, quality, and practical gear that encourages more people to engage with the outdoors. Their insulated water bottles are no different, providing a functional solution for hydration on-the-go. The combination of quality, practicality, and affordability makes 360 Degrees a preferred choice among wholesalers and consumers alike.

Conclusion about Wholesale Insulated Water Bottle Manufacturers in Australia

In conclusion, Australia has an impressive array of insulated water bottle manufacturers, each offering unique products and solutions. These manufacturers, including , Frank Green, Oasis, Cheeki, Klean Kanteen, Onya, Earth Bottles, and 360 Degrees, offer a variety of bulk insulated water bottles, vacuum insulated water bottles, and double-wall water bottles, catering to diverse customer needs. These companies also emphasize sustainability, providing eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic bottles. Whether you’re looking for insulated water bottles with straws or 64 oz insulated water bottles, you’re likely to find a suitable option among these manufacturers. Hence, if you’re seeking wholesale insulated water bottles in Australia, these manufacturers are worth considering.


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