A lot of wholesaler and distributor are now starting keeping an eye on the hot selling best jade roller wholesale or gua sha wholesale. When you checked Google trends of jade eye roller or rose face massage roller as below, you will understand why the jade face roller is a profitable and long-term product to run business.

jade roller market

At the paragraph, we estimate it will go up sharply in Dec 2019. Therefore it’s time to Wholesale Jade Roller from China for your business.

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A newbie will definitely face some questions like how to Import Jade Roller wholesale or jade gua sha tool from China. Here below is gua sha wholesale article for reference.


As this article includes so much practical information, I organize it into 6 questions:

However, importing jade skin roller from China is not as complicated as portrayed above. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide by shedding light on how you can research your market, select the right jade eye roller suppliers. You will also discover some compliance and safety regulations for importing best jade roller from China.

Jadestone roller is a well-known traditional beauty tool in China. Knowing jade roller before and after, it is said that since the 17th century, it has been used by Chinese women. It was once popular in the 1990s, and later it was rarely used for tourist souvenirs in major scenic spots.

In recent years, with the popularity of the Qing opera, the jade face massager has returned to the public’s field of vision –

In this summer’s hit “Rugao Biography”, Zhou Xun played the trick and used it to massage her face.

China Jade roller

Why jade eye roller massager return back to the public?

We conclude 4 benefits of jade roller for you to consider the business:

  1. Promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and in turn, the reduction of puffiness. Plus, the cool stone can feel spa-like and add some zen to the end of a stressful day.
  2. It can remove grease and dirt attached to the pores, so it has the effect of treating acne
  3. Working the tissue of your face gently to relax the muscles and release toxin buildup. The result is skin that’s tighter and brighter, a more even tone, and saying buh-bye to bags under the eyes
  4. Small and exquisite shape, crystal clear material, small fresh color are easy to Spread on social media

Question 2: How many kinds of face massage tool can be imported from China

When you searched on the Internet you will find so many jade roller information, different color such as light green, dark green, rose pink and, purple and even black color. However, when you import jade roller from China, you don’t know how to verify their quality when you ask the jade roller manufacturer. Here we make a list for you to know all category of jade stone.

1: Xiuyan jade :

A: Xiu jade roller : Grade C-Low quality

Xiuyan serpentine jade
xiu jade Roller

B: Xinyi jade Roller : Xiuyan serpentine jade | Grade B- Middle Quality

Xinyi jade Roller supplier
Grade B- Middle Quality

C: “New jade” roller: Xiuyan New jade | Grade A – High quality

New jade roller
Xiuyan New jade

2: Aventurine quartz

D: Aventurine quartz Roller (Green) : also called jade roller | Grade A-High quality

Aventurine quartz Roller
Grade A-High quality

As above, now you knew 4 types “jade roller” that selling on the market, and how to verify their quality through the face-looking, but what’s else skin roller for face you can import from China?

E: Rose rose quartz roller

rose quartz roller manufactuer

F: Amethyst roller

Amethyst roller

G: Obsidian: Main component is silica (SiO2)

Obsidian roller factory

H: White Facial Roller | Marble Jade Roller

Marble Jade Roller

I: lapis lazuli eye face roller

lapis lazuli eye face roller

At this post, we list 8 jade stone roller for you to choose, and also you can match with some gua sha stone together, if you want to import it now, you can contact SukeAuto to get your quote.

Question 3: Real jade roller VS fake jade roller | Everything you need to know

When you search on Google, you may read some post point out: are you jade roller fake? And give you some advice to distinguish real jade roller or fake. Such as any jade face massage roller below $20 is fake. But the truth is they also promote the “fake jade roller” they post. How hilarious is it?

Actually, this is a hilarious conception, because the jade roller is never made of real jadeite and nephrite. It’s made of jade stone, which in above category A, B, C all belong to xiuyan jade stone. Even the Aventurine quartz also made out of all kind of stone.

Therefore, we hope you understand the normal jade roller is jade stone roller and totally acceptable. Please don’t ever say any $20 jade roller is fake!

But is there any no fake jade roller in the market? Actually, it has. Here we list 2 kinds of fake jade stone massage for you:

  1. jade roller injected with a polymer (Generally, it is lighter in density, and it is easy to feel it when you put it on your hand.)
  2. Dying Glass jade roller (There will be bubbles in the glass imitation, as long as there are bubbles inside, including the jade imitation, it must be fake)
Therefore it’s easy for you to verify the fake jade roller by above 2 ways.

Question 4: Where to find real Chinese Jade Roller supplier?

First, let’s see the manufacturing center of the raw material:

  • Xiuyan Jade: China National Geographical Indication Products, Which located in Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province.

Xiuyan County is a rich county of jade resources. There are 7 jadeite mines and 2 old jade mines. Hada Ingougou Yuyu Mine is the largest jade mine in China. It has found nearly 100 ore bodies with a reserve of 1.76 million tons, ranking first in China. The Lingyu Xiyugou Xiuyan soft jade mine has a reserve of more than 100,000 tons. Xiuyan Yuyuan has a reserve of about 3 million tons, ranking first in China’s jade reserves. After the production is limited, the annual output still accounts for 60% of the total Chinese jade production.

As we mentioned, if you want low-quality Xiu jade roller, you could find a manufacturer located in Xiuyan County.

  • Xinyi jade : also known as Nanyu jade. Nanyu Mineral is produced in the village of Jinliu, Jinyi Town, Xinyi, Guangdong, so it is also called “Xinyi jade”.

Xinyi City jade mine is the only place of production of Xinyi jade. Jade craft processing was one of Maoming’s pillar industries in the 1980s. The output value of jade crafts reached 80 million yuan/year.

But actually Xinyi only manufacturing the jade raw material, the real jade roller manufacturer is in Dongguan city and Huizhou city, both are Guangdong province. They purchase jade raw material and zinc frame in local place then assemble them to a finished jade stone face massage.

As for New Jade and Aventurine quartz jade, they are mainly assembly and manufacturing in Dongguan city and Huizhou city.

BBut there is some place also wholesale gemstone facial roller to the foreign customer like Yiwu, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. They are 80% is a trading company.

Let us give a conclusion:

  1. Low-quality jade roller manufacturer or supplier: Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province
  2. Middle | High-quality face roller: Dongguan/ Huizhou city, Guangdong province.
  3. Trading company: Yiwu/ Hangzhou/ Suzhou city.

Question 5: Jade roller where to buy at a low cost?

When you want to import jade roller from China, you want to buy it at a low cost to save your cost and prove your profit. But first, you need to target your cold face roller. Then you wanna find the answer where to buy a jade roller as a sample to evaluate the quality. where to buy jade roller that is an authentic jade roller? if you don’t know you can check question 2 or question 3.

In the question 4 we list the jade roller supplier center If you want to target high-end jade roller then buy from Dongguan/ Huizhou city, Guangdong province, if low-end best face massage roller, you could buy from Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province.

But there is some place also wholesale gemstone facial roller to the foreign customer like Yiwu, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. They are 80% is a trading company.

Question 6: How to ship them when wholesale jade or rose quartz roller?

First: Shipping method

  • when you finished your jade roller order, you may worry how do I get your parcel from the factory, normally considering the size of rose quartz roller is small and the value of jade roller is high. We suggest you choose express delivery such as DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Second: jade roller tax/ tariff in the US

if you want import best jade facial roller to the USA, you need to search the tariff / Tax rate, according to jade roller H.S code: 9019101000, Let us check 301 tariffs as below:

jade roller tax

As checked on above Taxation clause, we are lucky to tell you that no any extra tariff on jade roller. it’s good for your business.


Wholesale jade roller or Import Jade gua sha tool business is a profitable market that anyone can enter into. I have put our energy to explain all you need to know and do to be successful in this business by coming up with this article. If, after going through this post, you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below. I’ll love to hear from you.