Because of Plastic straw ban, A number of local businesses have already started switching to reusable straws such as stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, glass straws, titanium straws or disposable ones made from paper or hay. Therefore many online seller and distributor of reusable straws are looking for 304 straw cleaning brush or straw brush cleaner

Colorful metal Straws

Stainless steel straws

bamboo straws

Bamboo Straw

titanium straw

Titanium Straw

However, Regardless of Amazon stainless steel straws seller or eco straws manufacturer are buying cleaning brush for their customer, they hardly to find the original straw brush factory from online.

Therefore, this post is shedding light on some basic knowledge for importing straw brush from China, select the right company you are working with.

Some of such knowledge of straw brush include::

We believe you will get right answer after you read about the questions above, Anyway, SukeAuto is No.1 Eco-friendly Product Sourcing Agent in China, if any eco products you want to source, Pls inform Us

1. Why you can’t find original straw cleaning brush supplier from China?

One reason is all we know brush to clean reusable straws is accessories for mainly stainless steel straws in China, therefore, most 70% straw brush to clean drinking straws is bought by stainless steel straws factory for making straws set ordered by overseas customer. The other reason is straw brush factory don’t have employee that speaks English, not along publish their products information on English website. So there is no way for foreign importers to find them. It’s very common in China that no one can speak English in a small-scale factory, and most staffs are doing work related to products and production, and dealing with domestic trading companies. Because they think that it’s expensive and not very easy to build an English sales team

2. How to make straw cleaning brush for reusable straws?

The straws cleaning brush is made of stainless and Nylon brush, but how to manufacturer it, most people are curiosity about it, therefore we do introduce it how to make straw cleaning brush

Making the brush program:

Te first step: cutting off the 304 stainless steel wire

The second part: using our equipment machine to twist the 304 stainless steel wire with the transparent nylon hair into a brush.

Part III: Glue the cut head with an environmentally friendly white glue. Wait for 12 hours of glue to dry out and check the goods and put them out. And then finished. Also, we have a simple video for you watch.

3.How to wholesale straw bush from Stainless steel straws factory?

Since you know it’s not easy to buy straw brush from original supplier, where you can import it? reusable straws factory, yes. you can wholesale from Stainless steel straws supplier. But if you don’t want to buy from Stainless steel straws factory, how could that do? I recommend Sukeauto, SukeAuto is No.1 Eco Product Sourcing Agent in China. They will source the high quality 304 straw brush from the original straws cleaning brush manufacturer or you may want to read as below.

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