The cosmetics industry in the UK is a thriving and vibrant sector, home to numerous manufacturers who specialise in a variety of products. Among them, blush stick manufacturing holds a significant place. The versatility, portability, and ease of application of blush sticks make them a sought-after product for consumers and, consequently, an important segment for manufacturers. In this article, we have detailed eight notable UK manufacturers who possess the potential to produce these beauty essentials. We’ve focused on their history, location, manufacturing capabilities, and the pros and cons of their manufacturing processes.

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The Top 8 Wholesale Blush Stick Manufacturers in the UK

1. Orean Personal Care

Established in 1998, Orean Personal Care has emerged as a respected private label manufacturer in the beauty industry. Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, they’ve carved out a niche in manufacturing innovative cosmetic products. The company possesses robust capabilities in Blush Stick manufacturing, while placing high emphasis on quality and flexibility.

Orean prides itself on its R&D capabilities, ensuring that it’s always at the forefront of cosmetic trends. This, along with their emphasis on high quality, positions them well as a potential Blush Stick supplier and wholesale partner. However, their focus on private label contracts might limit opportunities for smaller businesses seeking smaller production runs.

2. KDC-One/Swallowfield

Swallowfield, now part of KDC-One since 2019, is a legacy firm in the cosmetics manufacturing sector. Located in Wellington, Somerset, they’re reputed for producing a broad spectrum of beauty products, potentially including the blush stick in bulk.

The strength of KDC-One/Swallowfield lies in its extensive experience and comprehensive end-to-end services, making them an attractive Blush Stick factory for brands seeking full-service solutions. However, their broad focus may lead to less specialization in specific product types like the blush stick compared to dedicated manufacturers.

3. DCS Group

Founded in 1994, the DCS Group is headquartered in Stratford-upon-Avon. This company is more than a traditional Blush Stick factory. They provide various services, including contract manufacturing, design, and logistics, giving them the flexibility to manage Blush Stick wholesale orders.

DCS Group’s multi-faceted operations and large-scale production capabilities give them an edge in versatility and scale. However, similar to KDC-One, their wide-ranging focus might dilute their specialization in blush stick manufacturing.

4. Mibelle Group

The Mibelle Group is a leading Swiss contract manufacturer in the cosmetics sector, with a presence in the UK via its Biochemistry branch. Their services cover everything from initial product development to final production, potentially positioning them as a reliable Blush Stick supplier.

A key advantage of the Mibelle Group is their strong R&D capabilities and extensive industry experience. However, as an international company, they may not offer the same level of localized service or understanding of the UK market as a domestic manufacturer would.

5. Hampshire Cosmetics

With roots dating back to 1975, Hampshire Cosmetics, located in Waterlooville, offers a full suite of contract manufacturing services for the beauty industry. Their capabilities include formulation development, regulatory support, manufacturing, and packaging, making them a possible Blush Stick factory.

Their comprehensive services offer clients a streamlined process from conception to finished product, potentially reducing time-to-market. Yet, the breadth of their service offering may come at the expense of specialized expertise in specific product categories like blush sticks.

6. S&J Laboratory

S&J Laboratory, based in Lincolnshire, specializes in contract manufacturing with expertise in producing a wide array of cosmetic products, potentially including blush sticks. Their flexibility and attention to detail are hallmarks of their operations.

The factory’s commitment to quality, along with their flexible approach, could make them a promising Blush Stick supplier. However, their relatively smaller size may limit their ability to handle very large orders compared to bigger manufacturers.

7. Maqpro

Although primarily a French brand, Maqpro has extended its presence into the UK. They are known for producing professional makeup ranges, and they provide manufacturing services to other companies, making them a potential Blush Stick wholesale partner.

Maqpro’s strength lies in its experience in the professional makeup sector, which ensures high-performance product quality. However, their primary focus on the French market may mean they’re less attuned to UK-specific consumer preferences and market trends.

8. Body Care Brand Development

Located in Cheshire, Body Care Brand Development provides contract manufacturing services for a broad variety of cosmetics products, potentially including blush sticks. Their services span from concept development to actual manufacturing.

Their end-to-end service model offers brands the convenience of a one-stop solution for product development and manufacturing. However, their wide range of services may lack the level of specialization and expertise in blush stick manufacturing that some brands might seek.

Conclusion about Wholesale Blush Stick Manufacturers in the UK

The eight blush stick manufacturers mentioned in this article—Orean Personal Care, KDC-One/Swallowfield, DCS Group, Mibelle Group, Hampshire Cosmetics, S&J Laboratory, Maqpro, and Body Care Brand Development—represent a diverse cross-section of the UK’s cosmetics manufacturing industry. Each offers unique strengths, from extensive R&D capabilities to comprehensive end-to-end service models. However, it’s crucial for potential clients to consider both the advantages and possible limitations of each manufacturer in relation to their specific needs, production volume, and market strategy. Whether you’re a brand looking for a blush stick supplier or a retailer seeking a blush stick wholesale partner, these manufacturers offer a wealth of options in the vibrant UK market. As with any business decision, careful research and direct contact with potential partners are advisable for the best results.


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