Metal straws wholesaler are dying to know whether they are buying stainless steel straw are high quality or not? Normally they buy from Alibaba, DHgate or Global Source, However, there is so many online sellers Advocate their metal straws is best and are really stainless steel straws manufacturer. Almost 95% selling tell the same story to the customer then they want wholesale stainless steel straws from China.

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stainless steel straws factory& supplier

Therefore Sukeauto as the professional stainless steel straws factory introduce 4 ways to verify whether the extra long straws or bent stainless steel straws are best or high quality?

1.Ask for FDA Certificate and 304 Raw Material Test.

First: The reusable stainless steel straws are used for drinking water, cocktail, coffee, smoothie or alcohol. It is very important that the reusable metal straws are passed by the FDA test, and it’s basic law to ensure your body’s safety.

Second, some trading companies or middlemen on Alibaba to lie to customers that they are factories. They will even include lots of photos to back this claim. In order to sell metal straws bulk, they may sell 201-grade steel drinking straws to save the cost. Customer may be happy with their price. But actually, the 201-grade stainless steel straw will ruin your reputation and grow your bad review on Amazon, eBay or Walmart. Therefore, before you wholesale stainless steel straw, ask for 304 raw material certificate.

stainless steel straws SGS Test
SGS test

2. Detect the Weight of The Silver Metal Straws

It’s easy for you to verify if the stainless steel straws are good quality is Detecting the weight of stainless steel straws.

At this video, we choose 10pcs 6*215mm stainless bent straw to compare, the first is from jieyang factory, the second is from Sukeauto, our straws.
When you watched the video, you will know jieyang straws’ is 0.095kg, which means each 6*215 bent straw is 11.5g. While sukeauto each is 11.5g which more 2g than jieyang straw. Now you know there must be something not right, yes, poor quality eco-friendly drinking straws factory will use the 201-grade straw to replace 304-grade straw or Incorporate 20%-30% to the 304 straw, which to save their cost. But this motivation will cause an unsafe rate to your customer. It’s very Malicious action!

Here we list the WEIGHT of high quality stainless steel straws for you reference:

3. Check The End Polishing and Housing Condition

Let us see one of our customer’s review:

The End Polishing and Housing Condition

You will see the bad review of end polishing of safe drinking straws as below:

  1. Deformed (crushed) End Finishing
  2. Sharp End Finishing
  3. Excessive Scratches to Cylinder Polish
  4. A scratched line of the lines

Therefore, when you ask for samples, first you’d better ask for a video review to check the end polishing and housing status carefully. I have similar conditions, you should pass it without any hesitation.

4. Confirm the Crafts of the colored Coating: Only Ultrasonic Titanium Coating

We know reusable steel straws are used for drinking and safety is very important. When it comes to colored, metal straw wholesaler or distributor or customer will consider is the colored metal straws safe to our health? Actually, there are 3 kinds of colorful coating for the extra long metal straws. And also it’s necessary for you to know the difference between Ultrasonic Titanium Coating, Water Electroplating, and Water Electroplating.

1 Ultrasonic Titanium Coating: FDA passed

It featured a long-lasting Stable membrane performance and high safety (FDA-approved, implantable)

Here below is the advantage of Ultrasonic Titanium Coating:

  1. The film layer has a strong bonding with the surface of the workpiece, which is more durable and wears resistant.
  2. The diffraction performance of ions is good, and it is possible to plate workpieces with complex shapes.
  3. The high deposition rate and high production efficiency
  4. The wide range of coatable layers
  5. Stable membrane performance and high safety (FDA-approved, implantable)

2 Water Electroplating: color shiny but not safe. Not Eco.

Water Electroplating is related to water and an aqueous solution as the name implies, and the principle of electrochemical reaction is a chemical process. Due to the large use of water/water solution, the pollution is large.
Considering drinking function, we can’t use Water Electroplating to coat or plate on stainless steel straw.

3 electrostatic spraying: Low Pirce Harmful to your health.

Hazard: Spraying paint without protection, the concentration of benzene in the air of the workplace is quite high, which is extremely harmful to paint sprayers. Long-term exposure to benzene can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction and other diseases. The harm to the human body can not only occur through the inhalation of the lungs but also through the skin. The human skin is directly in contact with the paint, which can dissolve the fat in the skin, causing the skin to crack, inflamed and enter the human body.
Some Jieyang metal straw factory use electrostatic spraying to the coating on the straw and it’s looking great, But it’s very very bad to your health and it’s No business ethics to sell the stainless steel straws bulk.
You need to remember that any Red metal straw is using electrostatic spraying to coat, and you should pass the factory immediately.


We list 4 ways for any wholesaler or consumer to verify good or high-quality metal straws to Keep yourself safe. Whatever if you have other questions for stainless steel straws, please have a comment for your questions: