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 China Silicone Bags Wholesale Manufacturer & Reusable Silicone Bags Factory

 Sukeauto is silicone food storage bags factory in China & silicone ziplock bags manufacturer of silicone food bags and silicone storage bags with high quality. Also stasher silicone bags supplier of Bulk Price. We have several different models and customized package.

Produc name: Silicone Food Storage for snack & sandwich
Material: 100% Reusable medical grade silicone
Size: 18.5*11.5*0.3cm
Color: White/Pink/Red/Blue and so on

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Wholesale Silicone Bags Factory Description:

Sukeauto has been one of the leading exporters and reusable silicone food bags manufacturer in China since 2015.
We specialized in silicone freezer bags wholesale, reusable silicone storage bag wholesale, silicone ziplock bags wholesale; silicone bags bulk.

Why Eco Reusable Silicone Bags For Your Customer

Unlike plastic bags, stasher silicone bags are endlessly useful, reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe and non-toxic – you can cook, store, and freeze.
High and low-temperature resistance silicone food storage bag, the use of temperature range -50 ℃ ~ +250 ℃, can be used for refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric oven. Due to the excellent flexibility of silicone, cover the container when the natural formation of the internal negative pressure state, completely isolated inside and outside the gas flow, sealing unparalleled. Used in the refrigerator to cover the bowl, pot, pot, etc., will not string taste, due to completely isolated air into, to achieve the best fresh effect.
Good anti-skid, tailoring, exquisite workmanship, easy to operate reusable, environmentally friendly energy-saving, worth having, the family kitchen must reusable silicone food storage bag.

You don’t need to have any experience about importing, because a professional silicone food storage bags wholesale manufacturer will guides you step by step until you receive all products in your country, We have exported silicone bags to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, UK, and EU, for example, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland. But how to import them when you buy reusable silicone bags from China, here below will teach you why wholesale stasher silicone bags from Sukeauto

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