1: What is the bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush, as its name suggests, is a toothbrush made of bamboo. With toughness and wear resistance, soft and smooth.

bamboo toothbrush wholesale
bamboo toothbrush wholesale

Brush handle: used by the original ecological bamboo material
Bristle Material: Bamboo charcoal, Bamboo fiber, or Nylon 4
Characteristics: It is a fully biodegradable toothbrush and ecological toothbrush that meets the current requirements of green, environmental protection, and low carbon.

2: How to find original bamboo charcoal toothbrush manufacturer from China

we search for these answers from the Internet, however, we get no answer from Google or Quora.
Therefore Sukeauto – professional bamboo toothbrush supplier in China, give a deep analysis of 4 main natural bamboo toothbrush Manufacturers base center for importing toothbrush bulk.

First: Anhui Earth-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Supply Chain Center

Anhui Guangde County is one of the “Top Ten Bamboo Towns in China”. It has more than 700,000 mu of green and intoxicating bamboo sea. In recent years, Guangde County has led the people of the county to “plant bamboo on the mountain, set up factories under the mountain, and earn votes from the mountains. “, stepped out of a broad road of bamboo industry development

Guangde County has abundant bamboo resources and has more than 70 kinds of bamboos. Among them, more than 10 varieties of bamboo, such as bamboo, red bamboo, purple bamboo, and bamboo, have excellent quality and can be developed and utilized.

However, the toothbrush manufacturing center is not in Anhui Guangde County. It’s mainly in Qianshan County of Anhui Province—Where bamboo toothbrush Are Mainly Produced.

Others few earth-friendly bamboo toothbrush factories is in Hefei, and Luan city.

Second: Yiwu or Ningbo Bamboo Toothbrush supplier Located in

When It refers to bamboo, we must introduce Zhejiang Anji Bamboo World

The Anji Bamboo Garden, located in Anji County, the Bamboo Home, was initiated in 1974 and jointly designed and implemented by the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry (RISF) of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), Anji Lingfeng Forest Farm as well as Anji Forestry Bureau with partial finance support from the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC). Up to now, more than 300 bamboo species have been collected and successfully cultivated in this Garden, with a total area of 40 ha. Bamboo and some attached facilities, such as the bamboo museum, experiment building, and greenhouses for growing sympodial bamboos. The garden, containing three function areas, i,e. the ornamental bamboo species area, introduction and taxonomy area, and demonstration area is featured with plenty bamboo species and rich bamboo culture and is regarded as a large-sized monopodial and amphipod bamboo garden with multiple uses from scientific research, popular science education and forestry tourism to bamboo production.

Guangde County has abundant bamboo resources and has more than 70 kinds of bamboos. Among them, more than 10 varieties of bamboo, such as bamboo, red bamboo, purple bamboo, and bamboo, have excellent quality and can be developed and utilized.

Therefore, Zhejiang owns so much of bamboo resource to make plastic-free bamboo toothbrush. But the manufacturing center for bamboo toothbrush bulk is in Yiwu or Ningbo. If you ready for a wholesale bamboo toothbrush, you need to care these two places in Zhejiang province.

Third: Songxi County, Fujian Largest Bamboo Toothbrush Factory Base in South China.

The data shows that Songxi County has built a new high-yield bamboo forest area of 21,000 mu in 2016. By the end of the year, it can build a high-yield bamboo area of 114,500 mu. After the high-yield bamboo forest is completed, the output value per mu can reach more than 1,500 yuan, which can increase the bamboo farmers by more than 12 million. Yuan, involving 826 project owners, including 363 poor households, and radiation led to the settlement of 1,046 poor people in the country.

Therefore local Songxi people are starting to manufacturing bamboo toothbrush to create their small business.

3: what is the bamboo toothbrush case or toothbrush box I can choose?

Let us search bamboo toothbrush on Amazon :

As you can see above, normally there is 2 case for a recyclable bamboo toothbrush on Amazon: one is kraft paper, another is the bamboo case. Actually, if you want to wholesale bamboo toothbrush, you could ask naked packed in carton also

4: What customized logo crafts used for the best bamboo toothbrush.

The best natural bamboo toothbrush is engraved with laser printing or rarely silk-screen crafts on handles and printed on the package. Here below are samples for reference:

logo bamboo toothbrush
Customzied bamboo toothbrush

5: what is the organic toothbrush bristles used for?

Normally the bristles are made from 100% biodegradable soft and medium bristle, nylon4, bamboo charcoal, and bamboo fiber.

Because nylon filament is soft and soft, can clean the gap of teeth, and has better elasticity, better massage effect, and its wear-resistant and non-absorbent properties, so it has become the material of choice for bristles. Even so, the long-lasting toothbrush still needs to be replaced. After all, the speed of bacterial growth is very fast.


Importing bamboo toothbrush from China is not easy to find the real bamboo toothbrush factory, then why not let Sukeauto source the eco bamboo toothbrush for you.