The world of packaging has seen a remarkable shift towards sustainability and aesthetic appeal, particularly in the realm of beverage bottling. Among the various options available, swing top bottles, also known as flip top bottles, have gained significant popularity. This article delves into the supply chain centers and top manufacturers of swing top bottles, highlighting their unique qualities and contributions to the industry.

Part 1. Swing Top Bottles Wholesale

Monaca, Pennsylvania, USA

Monaca, in Pennsylvania, USA, is another key player in the swing top bottles wholesale market. This town has embraced modern manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality glass bottles, specializing in larger formats like 32 oz swing top glass bottles wholesale and 8 oz swing top bottles bulk.

Xuzhou, China

Xuzhou, located in Jiangsu Province of China, is a significant hub for glass manufacturing, including swing top glass bottles. The city’s rich cultural history and strong industrial sector, combined with its strategic location, make it a prime center for the production and distribution of various swing top bottles, including 4 oz swing top glass bottles, 500ml swing top bottles, and 750 ml swing top bottles.

Part 2.Top 6 Liquor Bottle Manufacturers in the World

Beausino is a Top 100 Wholesale Glass Bottle Manufacturer in China and a professional Custom Swing Top Bottles for more than 10 years. In cooperating with enterprises of different countries that are looking for durable, non-toxic and borosilicate olive oil bottles in bulk and branded vinegar bottles wholesale as well as recycled personalised oil bottle wholesale. We have been specializing in manufacturing competitive glass oil bottles wholesale for over 10 years and supply different shapes and sizes of coconut oil bottles wholesale bulk for amazon resellers and shop owners all around the world.

Beausino supply with a wide range of glass swing top bottles, double wall grolsch bottles bulk, flip top bottles wholesale. we also have popular flip top bottles bulk categories such as 750ml swing top bottles wholesale , 8 oz swing top bottles wholesale. Our cheap glass swing top bottles also come in different sizes and shapes.

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Advantages: Beausino stands out for its strong delivery capabilities, with over 60 automatic pressed and blown machine production lines, ensuring timely delivery regardless of order size. Their factory boasts more than 500+ in-stock designs, catering to a wide range of client requirements. Additionally, their deep cooperation with decal and laser printing factories ensures that custom logos and designs are executed with precision.

Distributor System: With a focus on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, Beausino has established a strong distribution network that spans over 80+ countries. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them certifications from Walmart Global Sourcing and BSCI.


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Known as the “keeper bottle”, Specialty Bottle provides durable thick glass swing top bottles. Their products are suitable for beverages, sauces, and oils. Their range includes various styles like flask, classic “sauce bottle”, and more, with capacities from 4.25 ounces up to 1 liter. They offer bottles in colors like yellow, red, green, blue, and gray, with a hermetic seal feature

History & Location: Founded in the early 1960s in Germany, Schott Bottles pioneered the swing top bottle design. Originally catering to the German market, their unique design quickly gained international acclaim.

Product Range & Advantages: Schott Bottles specializes in glass swing top bottles, known for their durability and ease of use. Their product range includes bottles suitable for carbonated beverages, homebrews, and culinary oils, featuring both metal and plastic caps. The company’s innovative design allows for a tight seal, preserving the freshness and carbonation of the contents.

History & Location: With a rich history dating back to 1615 in the Netherlands, Grolsch is renowned not just for its beer but also for its iconic swing top bottles, patented in 1978.
Product Range & Advantages: Grolsch’s swing top bottles are a symbol of the brand, featuring a unique design with plastic hinges and caps. These bottles are particularly favored in the homebrew community for their reusability and the preservation of flavor, especially for beers and carbonated drinks.

An authorized seller of Bormioli Rocco glass bottles, offers swing top glass bottles for storing and displaying wines, oils, vinegars, and more. Their bottles are crafted with stainless steel wire bails and FDA food-grade rubber gaskets, ensuring a hermetic and leak-proof seal. These bottles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, adding to product presentation​​.

Conclusion About Swing Top Bottles Wholesale

In conclusion, the global market for swing top bottles is diverse and dynamic, with key suppliers in Xuzhou, China, and Monaca, Pennsylvania, offering a wide range of swing top glass bottles, including ez cap bottles, swing top beer bottles, and flip top beer bottles. Manufacturers like provide innovative solutions ranging from 4 oz to 750 ml swing top bottles and 32 oz swing top glass bottles wholesale, catering to various needs in the wholesale flip top bottles and mini swing top bottles wholesale market.


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