Stainless Steel Straws Cup Supplier

Stainless Steel Straws Cup Supplier & China Metal Cup Factory

This metal straws Cup is made of Stainless Steel. It’s reusable and complies with FDA standards. Sukeauto Stainless Steel straws Cup supplier will offer competitive Factory price. Welcome wholesale from Sukeauto

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Color: Red/Yellow/Green/Pink/Custom color
Size/capacity: 8.8*12.5cm/ 500ml

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Stainless Steel Straws Cup Supplier Description:

1. sukeauto is a professional factory of stainless steel straws Cup, reusable metal smoothie straws.
2. Our factory have several different sizes metal eco straws – so you can enjoy using them no matter what glass you’re drinking from.
3. They come with 1 Cup lids (though they’re also dishwasher-safe) to match with the metal straws.
4. Metal Stainless Steel Straws Cup are packaged in a drawstring bag for carrying with you on the go. Convenient to use.
5. Our stainless steel straws Cup are reusable.
6. Our reusable metal straws Cup are discounts for sample.
7. The stainless steel straws Cup have stock for sample.
8. Fast production time 5-15 days depends on the order quantity.
9. Our eco stainless steel straws Cup already passed SGS & FDA. 

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