Starbucks Getting Rid of Straws is getting rid of plastic straws, when you pick up a cup of coffee in the store, you know it’s true when you buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks

The movement to ban single-use straws has gained traction via the work of nonprofits, lawmakers and online campaigns like Stop Suckingand the Last Plastic Straw, not to mention a graphic 2015 video, viewed on YouTube more than 30 million times, that showed marine biologists pulling a straw out of a sea turtle’s nose

Fortunately we have the best stainless steel straws to have this situation. However, it is difficult to know how many sizes of metal straws for yeti cups or for your portable cups.

Here we make a list for you to know how many normal sizes of reusable metal straws matched for the stainless steel tumbler and wine cups:

  • 6*0.4*215mm/ 6*0.4*241mm / 6*0.4*266.7mm (suitable for 20oz cup like Coffee Mugs, Yeti/Ozark/RticTumblers)
  • 8*0.5*215mm/ 8*0.5*241mm / 8*0.5*266.7mm ( suitable for Smoothies)
  • 12*0.5*215mm/ 12*0.5*241mm/ 12*0.5*266.7mm ( suitable for 30oz cup/Bubble tea Milk Tea)
metal straw factory
stainless steel straws factory& supplier

Now as a distributor or a retailer, you know which size of stainless drinking straws wholesale for your end customer. But sometimes your customer would ask 12-inch stainless steel drinking straws that you never heard of it, and wonder why they want the extra long metal straws?

Actually, some customer likes to use super-sized cups like StainlessLUX stainless steel cups.

However, sometimes your customer also wants short stainless steel straws like 127mm length for their Children to drink. Also sometimes your customer wants to wide bubble tea straws like 12mm wide to drink for boba tea.

127mm short metal straws

127mm Short Metal Straw

Bubble Tea Straw

Bubble Tea Straw

All this strange demand are truly from our customer, then how to wholesale this Unconventional stainless steel straws for your customer. You may ask how do I find a customized meal straws factory for the strange demand.

Sukeauto as the professional custom stainless steel straws supplier in China. Can match any demand for any size demand from your customer !

Let us see What customer respond to Sukeauto Stainless steel straws?

Hi Caleb,
We have been working with Owen for close to a year now and have done the bulk of our stainless steel straw purchases through his company.
Our purchases have been a full range of straws, all of the sizes – both bent and straight, straw brushes and the velvet pull string bags. We focus on “silver” or straws that are not colored.
Our company is: ***** Straws and the link is: https://www.*******
We have conducted a search of Stainless Steel Straw manufactures, wholesalers and trade companies in China and a range of other countries as well. We have received samples of straws from just over 10 companies in China and two from India.
SukeAuto has consistently provided the product with excellent quality. We are extremely particular about product quality and test samples of each shipment. Our Ph.D. Chemist uses sophisticated test equipment.
I can tell you this, it has been a lot more difficult to find a quality supplier of Stainless Steel straws than I could have ever imagined when first asked to take over this position early last year.
We have been extremely pleased with the product Owen of SukeAuto has provided.

Also if you know how to verify what’s the grade of metal straws you purchased you can check:

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