Perfume bottles are an essential component of the fragrance industry, serving not only as containers but also as a representation of the brand and fragrance inside. In Pakistan, the perfume bottle manufacturing industry has seen significant growth, with several suppliers catering to both local and international markets. This article will delve into the supply chain centers, notable manufacturers, main fairs related to perfume bottles in Pakistan.


Karachi, the bustling port city of Pakistan, is a significant hub for perfume bottles wholesale in Pakistan. Its strategic location by the Arabian Sea makes it a prime spot for importing raw materials and exporting finished products. The city has seen a surge in businesses dealing with empty perfume bottles in Pakistan and refillable perfume bottle pakistan. With competitive perfume refill bottle prices in Pakistan, many wholesalers and retailers flock to Karachi to stock up. The city’s markets are also known for their vast collection of perfume decants pakistan and branded perfume bottles in Pakistan. The demand for attar bottles wholesale in Pakistan is met efficiently by the suppliers in Karachi, ensuring that the tradition of attar remains alive and well.


Lahore, often referred to as the cultural heart of Pakistan, is not far behind when it comes to the perfume bottle industry. As home to several perfume bottle manufacturers in Lahore, the city prides itself on producing high-quality bottles that cater to both local and international markets. The empty perfume bottles in Lahore are a testament to the city’s commitment to quality and design. Lahore’s markets are a haven for those looking for attar bottles price in Pakistan or empty perfume bottles for sale in Pakistan. The city’s artisans and craftsmen, with their expertise, have contributed to the rising demand for perfume bottles in Pakistan. With a rich history of perfumery, Lahore continues to be a significant player in the perfume bottles wholesale pakistan industry.

Part 2. 6 Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in Pakistan

Established in 2007, Beausino is a leading glass packaging and glass perfume bottle manufacturer located in Fengyang County. They pride themselves on being a one-stop glassware provider in China, offering factory-direct products without middlemen. With an annual output of over 200,000 tons of crystal glass and a vast factory area, Beausino has made its mark in over 80+ countries. Their product range includes mini perfume bottles, pink perfume bottles, empty perfume bottles, and perfume bottles wholesale. One of their standout features is their distributor system, which covers a wide range of countries and regions. Their advantages lie in their high-quality products, efficient production lines, and a strong focus on customization.

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Located in Lahore, Khawaja Aerosols specializes in the production of intricate and stylish glass bottles primarily for perfumes. These bottles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, ensuring the perfume remains intact without any leakage. Apart from perfume bottles, they also cater to the skincare industry, manufacturing bottles suitable for toners and face mists. The company offers customization, ensuring they meet the specific needs of businesses.
Address: Lahore, Pakistan.

Eco Packs, based in Rawalpindi, is a leading manufacturer of bottles in Pakistan. While they are known for producing high-quality plastic bottles for major beverage brands like Pepsi and Coca-cola, they also cater to the edible oil storage market. The company offers two main types of bottles: PET bottles suitable for beverages and PET preforms for storing syrups, warm juices, mineral water, and edible oil.
Address: 19, Main Street City Villas, Near High Court Road, Rawalpindi.

A top manufacturer of glass bottles in Pakistan, Ghani Glass ensures that only the best quality bottles reach consumers. Their bottles, which are lighter than typical glass bottles, are ideal for travel. They are especially popular among pharmaceutical companies for storing medicines and cough syrups. The company’s research aligns with international standards, ensuring top-notch quality.

Established in 1998, Noor Moulders is a plastic bottle manufacturing company based in Lahore. They utilize the latest manufacturing technology to produce a wide range of bottles, from eye droppers to small shampoo bottles. Their bottles, known for their strong base and tight caps, are also popular for face washes and cosmetics.
Address: HANDO CHOWK MOMIN PURA ROAD LAHORE, PAKISTAN. Lahore.. P.C. 54000, Lahore, Punjab.

Unipet, located in Lahore, offers a vast range of industry-grade plastic bottles. Whether you’re in the market for mineral bottles, cooking oil bottles, or insect repellent bottles, Unipet has got you covered. They pride themselves on providing high-quality products at competitive prices.
Address: Suite # 7, 2nd Floor, Auriga Complex, Main Market Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.

Part 3. Main Fairs for Attar Bottles Wholesale in Pakistan

Some of the renowned trade fairs in Pakistan that might feature perfume bottle wholesalers include the Karachi International Trade Fair (KITF) and the Lahore International Expo. These fairs attract a vast number of national and international exhibitors and visitors, making them ideal platforms for businesses to expand their reach and network.

Conclusion About Wholesale Perfume Bottle Manufacturers in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Lahore stands out as a pivotal supply chain center for the perfume bottle industry. Several manufacturers, such as Khawaja Aweosols and Noor Moulders, have established their mark in the market. While specific fairs dedicated to perfume bottles are yet to gain prominence, the industry’s growth is evident. Ensuring quality, these manufacturers adhere to stringent certifications, solidifying Pakistan’s position in the global perfume bottle market.


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