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 Sukeauto is a Professional Oxygen Generator Supplier in China & Wholesale medical oxygen generator manufacturers of psa oxygen generator, home oxygen generator, 3L, 5L, 7L, 10L medical oxygen generator for several years, with high quality and fast delivery ability. We have more than 8 different models house oxygen concentrator for your choice, we also could do any colors or any private label logo, and customized package boxes for you.

Product name : Oxygen Concentrator
Usage: Oxygen
Voltage:AC 220V+/-15V 50Hz 0.8A
Rated voltage:AC 220V+/-15V 50Hz 0.8A

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Professional Oxygen Generator Supplier Description:

Sukeauto has been one of the leading exporters and medical oxygen generator manufacturers in China since 2016.
We are engaged in the business of beauty equipment for many years. We are a beauty equipment manufacturer with our own factory, with a group of experienced technicians. We maintain a strict standard in producing our products including appearance design, hard & software debugging, product assembly, quality test, and packing. We provide good service to our customers with excellent design technology, superior quality, punctual consignment, and good after-sales service. Ekai lays emphasis on customers and ensures quality with quality management system ISO 9001, and we develop more than 20 types of home oxygen generator as below.

The oxygen concentrator is a health care machine for home use, which provides continuous flow provision adjustable for 1-6 Liters per minute, and this oxygen machine produces constant steam of 30-93%±3%.
The oxygen generator has an excellent design, including a large color LED panel with remote control and intelligent voice broadcast capability. the oxygen maker developed these features for the end-users, making the end-users extremely convenient.

This o2 concentrator has the ability to act as a negative ion and atomizer. The oxygen machine will produce more fresh oxygen with negative ions, resulting in oxygen’s characteristics being restored to what it originally was in nature. Many users with sore throats or asthma can benefit from the atomization function.

For the users’ comfort, our oxygen machine chooses a low-noise design that will not interrupt your sleep and increase your sleep efficiency.

The oxygen maker has a multi-layer filter inside, and the concentrator can remove impurities and bacteria from the air and increase the percentage of clean oxygen content. The filter is simple to install and replace.

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