India’s pharmaceutical industry is a globally recognized hub for the production of glass vials, a critical component in medical and scientific applications. The country’s expertise in manufacturing these vials, including variants like glass vials with caps, sterile vials, small glass vials, amber vials, and more, has positioned it as a key player in the global supply chain. Indian manufacturers not only cater to domestic needs but also serve international markets with a diverse range of products, including specialized items like 20 ml scintillation vials, 10ml glass vials, and 2 ml vials. This article explores the centers of this thriving supply chain across India and highlights four top glass vial manufacturers in the country, showcasing their history, product range, and unique advantages.


Telangana has been making headlines with significant developments in this sector. A new pharmaceutical glass production facility is set to expand the manufacturing capabilities in the region. Corning Incorporated and SGD Pharma have initiated a new facility here, marking Telangana as an important player in the pharmaceutical glass manufacturing industry


Vemula, a city that’s driving innovation in the industry, is home to SGD Pharma’s facility. The manufacturing of Velocity Vials is expected to start in 2024, with pharmaceutical tubing production following in 2025. This facility alone produces more than 9000 tonnes of moulded Type I pharmaceutical glass containers and 4000 tonnes of tubular vials and ampoules annually, translating to over 700 million pieces – a testament to the city’s significant role in the supply chain

Part 2.Leading Glass Vial Manufacturers in India

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Advantages: Beausino stands out for its strong delivery capabilities, with over 60 automatic pressed and blown machine production lines, ensuring timely delivery regardless of order size. Their factory boasts more than 500+ in-stock designs, catering to a wide range of client requirements. Additionally, their deep cooperation with decal and laser printing factories ensures that custom logos and designs are executed with precision.

Distributor System: With a focus on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, Beausino has established a strong distribution network that spans over 80+ countries. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them certifications from Walmart Global Sourcing and BSCI.


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Location & History: Ambica Pharma, based in Vatva, has over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Founded by the late Mr. Kalidas Mistry in 1969, the company began with the first Indian-made Automatic High-Speed Wet Glue Labelling Machine. The company is now led by Mr. Ashok K Mistry, who has driven significant growth and innovation

Products & Advantages: Ambica Pharma offers a wide range of pharmaceutical aseptic lines, including washing machines, sterilizing tunnels, filling machines, and more. Their products are known for their high efficiency, durability, and low maintenance requirements, meeting industry standards and customer expectations​

Location & History: Established in 1992, Shree Naina Glass is a prominent manufacturer of USP Type-1 Tubular Glass Vials and Neutral Glass Ampoules in India. As part of the Shree Naina Group, the company has broadened its scope to include primary and secondary packaging​​.

Products & Advantages: Specializing in tubular glass containers and rigid plastic containers, Shree Naina Glass adopts cutting-edge technology for innovative packaging solutions. The company reported a revenue of USD 100 Million for FY 2022, highlighting its successful operations and market impact

Location & History: Based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kapoor Glass has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing glass ampoules, tubular vials, and cartridges. The company’s production facilities are located in the Jawahar Co-Operative Industrial Estate in Kamothe, Panvel

Products & Advantages: Kapoor Glass is renowned for its high-quality glass ampoules and vials, compliant with international pharmacopoeias. They employ advanced production techniques, including inline camera systems and automated lines, to ensure precision and quality in their products

Location & History: Khemka Glass, also known as Indian Scientific Glass Industries, has been a key player in the pharmaceutical industry for over 60 years. The company prides itself on continuous modernization and has adapted to the evolving needs of the industry over the decades

Products & Advantages: The company is ISO certified and registered with the US FDA and Health Canada, ensuring international standards in product quality. They cater to individual customer requirements using USP TYPE I glass tubing, sourced globally

Conclusion About Glass Vial Manufacturers in India

India’s pharmaceutical glass vial sector is robust, with key manufacturing hubs like Telangana and Vemula leading production. These centers are pivotal in meeting both domestic and international demand for quality glass vials, strengthening India’s position as a major player in the global pharmaceutical supply chain.


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