In the vibrant city of Surat, renowned for its diamond polishing and textile industries, another sector silently yet significantly contributes to its economic tapestry – the glass bottle manufacturing industry. This article unfolds the journey of glass jar manufacturers in Surat, exploring the supply chain epicenter, and spotlighting some of the prominent glass bottle manufacturers in the region. With a focus on various products such as amber bottles, olive oil bottles, 50ml perfume bottle, glass spice jars, glass liquor bottles, diffuser bottles, and customized glass bottles, we delve into the intricate world of glass production in Surat.

Surat, a bustling city in Gujarat, India, has carved a niche in the glass container and bottle manufacturing industry, establishing itself as a pivotal supply chain center. The city’s Pandesara area, particularly Plot No: 2602A in GIDC, Pandesara, emerges as a notable hub, housing several manufacturers like Swastik Glass. The strategic location of these manufacturing units ensures seamless distribution and supply of glass bottles in Surat and beyond, catering to diverse industries including perfumery, with their exquisite 50ml perfume bottles, and culinary, with their sturdy olive oil bottles and glass spice jars.

The supply chain robustness is not merely confined to production but extends to a well-knit network of distributors and suppliers, ensuring that products like amber bottles and customized glass bottles reach various businesses across the nation. This network not only fortifies Surat’s position in the glass bottle manufacturing sector in India but also enhances its capability to cater to the varied demands of different industries efficiently and effectively.

Part 2. 4 Wholesale Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Surat

Headquarters Location: Shenzhen and Fengyang, China

Inception Year: 2007

Beausino, a China-based glass bottle manufacturer, has over a decade of experience in the glass manufacturing industry. Located in Fengyang glass industrial zone, it is recognized as one of the most prominent and largest glass product bases in China. With 8 production lines and IS sectors, they produce a daily output of 400,000pcs of glass bottles and jars suitable for various industries, including food, beverages, home decors, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. The company also specializes in creating personalized bottle decorations and is adept at crafting custom glass bottles per specific design requests.

Moreover, Beausino emphasizes high-standard quality management principles throughout the production process, from handling raw materials to packaging. Their expansive catalog, which includes over 8,000 styles of glass containers, alongside their capability to offer unique, personalized bottle decorations, makes them a notable player in the global market, supplying to over 50 countries worldwide.

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Nestled in Surat, Sunrise Glass has etched its name in the glass bottle manufacturing industry, specializing in producing a wide array of glass containers. With a rich history embedded in quality and customer satisfaction, Sunrise Glass has evolved to become one of the leading suppliers of glass bottles in India. Their product range is diverse, encompassing everything from amber bottles to customized glass bottles, ensuring they cater to a myriad of industries and applications.

The company’s distributor system is meticulously structured, ensuring that their products, including specialty items like glass spice jars and olive oil bottles, permeate through various markets seamlessly. The strategic location in Surat, coupled with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, propels Sunrise Glass into the limelight as a formidable player in the glass bottle manufacturing arena in India.

Royal Ceramic Glass, based in Surat, Gujarat, stands out as a manufacturer offering excellent quality empty glass bottles, crucial for serving drinks and other applications. The company’s history is intertwined with a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation, ensuring that their glass bottles not only meet but often exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

Their product range is not only confined to beverage bottles but also extends to various other glass containers, ensuring a wide application across different industries. The distributor system of Royal Ceramic Glass is designed to ensure that their products are readily available across various markets, solidifying their position as a reliable glass bottle manufacturer in Surat.

Umme Glass India Pvt Ltd, situated in the heart of Surat, has established itself as a prominent player in the glass bottle manufacturing industry. With a rich history that is deeply rooted in the pursuit of excellence and innovation, Umme Glass has been consistently delivering high-quality glass containers and bottles that cater to a wide array of industries and applications.

The company boasts a diverse product range, including amber bottles, olive oil bottles, 50ml perfume bottles, and customized glass bottles, ensuring they meet the varied demands of their clientele. Umme Glass’s distributor system is strategically designed to ensure the widespread availability of their products across various markets, thereby solidifying their reputation as a reliable and efficient glass bottle manufacturer in Surat.

Conclusion About Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Surat

Surat, with its strategic location and robust supply chain mechanisms, has burgeoned into a pivotal glass bottle manufacturing hub in India. From glass jar manufacturers in Surat to wine glass bottle manufacturers, the city hosts a plethora of manufacturers like Sunrise Glass, Royal Ceramic Glass, and J K Plastics, each contributing to the rich tapestry of glass bottle manufacturing in the region. With products ranging from glass liquor bottles to diffuser bottles, these manufacturers not only cater to the local markets but also significantly impact the glass bottle manufacturing landscape in India.


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