Firozabad, often referred to as the “City of Glass,” is a renowned hub for glass manufacturing in India. Located near Agra in Uttar Pradesh, it has been the center of India’s glassmaking industry for centuries. The city is especially known for the quality of bangles and glasswares produced there. With a rich history and a thriving glass industry, Firozabad is home to several top-notch glass bottle manufacturers catering to various needs, from perfume bottle manufacturers to wine bottle manufacturers.

Firozabad’s glass industry is deeply rooted in its history and culture. The city’s strategic location, close to Agra and Delhi, has made it a prime spot for the glass trade. One of the main supply chain centers in Firozabad is located near the old tehsil, known locally as “garie.” This area has been historically significant for the city’s glass trade, with numerous glass bottle factories and glass jar manufacturers operating in close proximity. The concentration of these factories in this specific area ensures a streamlined supply chain, making it easier for distributors and retailers to source products. Additionally, the close-knit community of manufacturers in this region fosters a collaborative environment, promoting innovation and quality in the products they produce.

Part 2. Top 5 Wholesale Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Firozabad

Headquarters Location: Shenzhen and Fengyang, China

Inception Year: 2007

Beausino, a China-based glass bottle manufacturer, has over a decade of experience in the glass manufacturing industry. Located in Fengyang glass industrial zone, it is recognized as one of the most prominent and largest glass product bases in China. With 8 production lines and IS sectors, they produce a daily output of 400,000pcs of glass bottles and jars suitable for various industries, including food, beverages, home decors, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. The company also specializes in creating personalized bottle decorations and is adept at crafting custom glass bottles per specific design requests.

Moreover, Beausino emphasizes high-standard quality management principles throughout the production process, from handling raw materials to packaging. Their expansive catalog, which includes over 8,000 styles of glass containers, alongside their capability to offer unique, personalized bottle decorations, makes them a notable player in the global market, supplying to over 50 countries worldwide.

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History and Location: Established for over 11 years, G. M. OVERSEAS is a renowned manufacturer and supplier based in Firozabad.
Product Range: They specialize in producing a variety of glass bottles, including the Colored Amber Glass Bottle.
Distributor System: With a vast network of distributors, they have been able to cater to a wide clientele.
Advantages: Their long-standing presence in the market speaks of their quality and reliability.

History and Location: SHOPGURU INDIA, based in Firozabad, has been in the business for 3 years.
Product Range: They offer a diverse range of products, one of which is the 1000ml Oil Glass Bottle.
Distributor System: As both a manufacturer and exporter, they have a robust distribution system that caters to both local and international markets.
Advantages: Their competitive pricing and quality assurance make them a preferred choice among customers.

History and Location: Another significant player in Firozabad, TRANS GLASSPACK, has carved a niche for itself in the glass bottle manufacturing sector.
Product Range: They produce the Transparent Glass Milk Bottle which can be customized according to client requirements.
Distributor System: Their extensive distributor network ensures timely delivery and wide reach.
Advantages: Their focus on customization and client satisfaction sets them apart.

History and Location: A.M. OVERSEAS, located in Firozabad, is known for its quality and variety.
Product Range: They manufacture the Glass Juice Bottle, among other products.
Distributor System: As a manufacturer and distributor, they have a streamlined system ensuring product availability and reach.
Advantages: Their commitment to quality and innovation has garnered them a loyal customer base.

Part 3. Main Fairs for Glass Bottle Supplier in Firozabad

Firozabad, often referred to as the “Glass City of India,” is a hub for glassware manufacturing and trade. The city is not only known for its vast array of glass products but also for the significant fairs and exhibitions that showcase the best of what the glass industry has to offer. Here are some of the main fairs for glass bottle suppliers in Firozabad:

Firozabad Glassware Fair: This is one of the most prominent fairs in the city, dedicated exclusively to glassware. Manufacturers, traders, and buyers from all over the country gather here to explore the latest trends, designs, and innovations in the glass industry. From perfume bottles to wine bottles, this fair showcases a wide range of products.

Glass City Expo: Another significant event, the Glass City Expo, is a platform for manufacturers and suppliers to display their products and connect with potential buyers. The expo features a variety of glass products, including beer bottles, glass jars, and custom glass bottles.

B2B Handicrafts Fair: As highlighted on Instagram, Firozabad hosts the B2B Handicrafts Fair, which emphasizes the city’s status as the premier center of glassware manufacturing. This fair is not limited to just glass bottles but extends to other glass-based handicrafts, making it a comprehensive event for anyone in the glass industry.

Conclusion About Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Firozabad

In conclusion, Firozabad stands as a beacon in the world of glass bottle manufacturing in India, with its rich history and unparalleled expertise. The city’s renowned manufacturers and vibrant fairs make it a pivotal hub for anyone in the glass industry. From exquisite perfume bottles to sturdy beer bottles, Firozabad’s offerings are diverse and of top-notch quality. For businesses and enthusiasts alike, this “Glass City of India” promises innovation, quality, and a glimpse into the future of glassware.


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