In the vast and diverse world of manufacturing, China has established itself as a pivotal player in numerous industries, one of which is glass bottle production. The China glass bottle industry has witnessed a remarkable evolution, becoming a significant contributor to the global supply chain. With a plethora of products such as amber glass, glass milk bottles, small glass bottles, and more, the country has managed to cater to various sectors including, but not limited to, the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. This article will delve into the intricate details of the China glass bottle manufacturer and factory landscape, exploring the supply chain centers, top manufacturers, and main fairs that have become synonymous with the industry.

Part 1. Supply Chain Center of Glass Bottle Factory in China


Fengyang has emerged as a pivotal city in the China glass bottle factory landscape, boasting a robust supply chain that has significantly contributed to the industry’s growth. The city, nestled in the heart of China, has strategically positioned itself as a hub for glass bottle manufacturing companies, offering a myriad of options in glass bottles wholesale, glass spice jars, and glass bottles with lids. Fengyang’s strategic location and advanced manufacturing capabilities have enabled it to facilitate seamless transactions and logistics, ensuring that the glass bottle suppliers near me and globally are consistently able to meet demand.

Moreover, Fengyang has successfully integrated technology into its manufacturing processes, ensuring that products such as amber bottles, glass vials, and glass juice bottles are produced with utmost precision and quality. The city’s commitment to innovation and quality has attracted numerous glass jar manufacturers and custom glass bottle manufacturers, further solidifying its position in the global supply chain.


In Zibo, another city renowned for its glass bottle manufacturing, the focus has been significantly tilted towards specialized products like perfume bottle manufacturers in China. Zibo has managed to carve out a niche for itself by focusing on the quality and uniqueness of its products, ensuring that they not only meet but often exceed international standards. The city’s manufacturers often collaborate with international designers and brands, bringing forth exquisite designs and unparalleled quality in their perfume bottle offerings.

Moreover, Fengyang has successfully integrated technology into its manufacturing processes, ensuring that products such as amber bottles, Furthermore, Zibo has established a comprehensive distributor system, ensuring that its products, including glass milk bottles and small glass bottles, are accessible to various markets across the globe. The city’s manufacturers prioritize sustainability and innovation, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the China glass bottle manufacturer industry while also contributing positively to environmental conservation efforts.


Xuzhou, a city that has become synonymous with glass bottle factory operations in China, has established itself as a powerhouse in the production of a wide array of glass products, including wine bottle manufacturers and beer bottle manufacturers. The city’s factories are renowned for their scalability and versatility, ensuring that they can cater to various industries, including the beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors, with ease and efficiency.

Moreover, Xuzhou’s manufacturers have placed a significant emphasis on sustainability and innovation, ensuring that their products, including glass containers and glass packaging, are not only of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly. The city has managed to intertwine traditional manufacturing practices with modern technological advancements, ensuring that it remains a key player in the China glass bottle industry.

Part 2. Top 7 Wholesale Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China

Headquarters Location: Shenzhen and Fengyang, China

Inception Year: 2007

Beausino, a China-based glass bottle manufacturer, has over a decade of experience in the glass manufacturing industry. Located in Fengyang glass industrial zone, it is recognized as one of the most prominent and largest glass product bases in China. With 8 production lines and IS sectors, they produce a daily output of 400,000pcs of glass bottles and jars suitable for various industries, including food, beverages, home decors, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. The company also specializes in creating personalized bottle decorations and is adept at crafting custom glass bottles per specific design requests.

Moreover, Beausino emphasizes high-standard quality management principles throughout the production process, from handling raw materials to packaging. Their expansive catalog, which includes over 8,000 styles of glass containers, alongside their capability to offer unique, personalized bottle decorations, makes them a notable player in the global market, supplying to over 50 countries worldwide.

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Shandong Jingna Glass Co., Ltd, under the umbrella of Qingdao GOLD LUCK GROUP, has established itself as a premier glass bottle manufacturer in China, specializing in providing over 300 series of packaging glass bottles for various alcoholic beverages like Spirit, Liquor, Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, and Wine. Their products have reached global markets, including the USA, France, Germany, Canada, and Italy, showcasing their expansive reach and influence in the glass bottle manufacturing industry.

The company prides itself on its exquisite craftsmanship, with every spirit bottle permeated with meticulous detail and each shape filled with cultural background. They offer a range of services from designing, molding to delivery, ensuring a one-stop service experience for their clients. Furthermore, they emphasize quality and service, with every step of the production process being strictly controlled and third-party inspections conducted before loading to ensure optimal product quality.

Founded in 2009, Shandong Yuncheng Ruisheng Glass Co., Ltd is one of the largest super flint glass perfume bottle manufacturers in China, located in Yuncheng, Shandong. The company primarily offers custom glass bottle wholesale services for various alcoholic beverages, such as liquor, spirit, whiskey, vodka, and brandy. With an operational principle centered on high quality and definition, the company has invested in multiple production lines, including the most advanced 8S fully automatic machine and CNC manual machines. Not only is their glass bottle manufacturing optimal, but they also take special care in packing their bottles in the finest way possible, ensuring minimal damage.

Ruisheng has more than 500 employees and a group of skilled engineers, providing a daily output of 120,000pcs of first-grade glass bottles – super flint glass bottles. They have garnered a good reputation worldwide due to their rich experience and high-quality products. If ensuring the safe delivery of every ordered bottle is a priority, Ruisheng is a brand worth considering.

East Asia Glass Limited began manufacturing top-class glass liquor bottles in 1995 and has grown to become a significant glass bottle company in China with an international market. Trusted by several customers around the world, including some of the biggest beverage brands, they are known to provide quality service to their customers. Their glass bottles are notably fine and shiny, often providing an exotic look. East Asia Glass Limited is proficient at carving brand names on these bottles, enhancing their aesthetic and brand recognition.

SHualian Glass Bottle Factory, established in 1998, specializes in glassware design and manufacturing. Located in Xuzhou, the company has modern standard workshops, warehouse, and two 40 m3 great gas furnaces, 8 lines of new automation machines, with an annual output of various glass bottles of 50,000 tons. They design specialized bottles for different applications, including interesting designs for liquors, pharmaceutical medicines, and jars of different types that could be used for various purposes.

SGS Bottle, a renowned China glass bottle manufacturer and supplier located in Tai’an City, Shandong Province, China, is celebrated for achieving a quality standard that is desired by most consumers worldwide. Their glass bottles are of optimal quality and quite affordable, even for those with a low budget. SGS Bottle allows you to provide your own personalized and customized design, manufacturing as many bottles as you want in that specific design, which is beneficial if you desire unique startup packaging.

Xuzhou Shanli Artware, with more than 10 years of export experience, is a very organized glass bottle manufacturer that is specialized and focused on the production of glass bottles. They work towards creating multiple types of glass bottles, which include bottles for wine, jars, and juices. They are expanding their capacity to manufacture glass bottles, making them an ideal manufacturer if you are looking for a long-term commitment in this domain.

Part 3. Main Fairs for Glass Bottles in China

PACKCON 2024 – China Packaging Container Expo

PACKCON 2024, set to be held from July 12 to 14, 2024, in Shanghai, China, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), is a prominent trade platform showcasing various types of packaging and containers, including paper, plastic, metal, and glass packaging containers. The expo not only displays innovative packaging materials, structures, and designs but also represents new trends and innovations in China’s packaging industry. It alternates its location between Dongguan and Shanghai, aiming to expand its influence across the nation. PACKCON serves as a vital platform for glass packaging manufacturers and glass container manufacturers to explore and establish business connections and to stay abreast of the latest industry developments.

China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition

The China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition is a significant event in the glass bottle industry, providing a platform for glass bottle manufacturers, suppliers, and related businesses to showcase their products, technologies, and innovations. It is a hub where industry professionals converge to explore the latest trends, technologies, and products in the China glass bottle market, facilitating business opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge exchange among the participants.

China Glass Expo

The China Glass Expo is another pivotal event for glass bottle suppliers and manufacturers in China. It provides a comprehensive insight into the China glass bottle market, offering a platform for suppliers, buyers, traders, and industry experts to explore the latest trends, technologies, and products in the glass bottle industry. The expo serves as a hub where wine bottle manufacturers, beer bottle manufacturers, perfume bottle manufacturers, and glass packaging suppliers converge to explore and discuss the future of the glass bottle industry in China and globally.

Conclusion About Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China

In conclusion, China’s glass bottle manufacturing industry, with its pivotal supply chain centers like Fengyang, Zibo, and Xuzhou, and top manufacturers such as and East Asia Glass Limited, has significantly influenced the global market. The industry’s expansive and innovative product range, from amber glass to small glass bottles, and its presence in various fairs like PACKCON and China Glass Expo, showcase its robustness and continuous evolution, meeting diverse consumer and industrial needs globally.


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