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 Sukeauto is TIKTOK gemstone crystal water bottle wholesale factory in China & Wholesale crystal-infused water bottle Manufacturer of elixir Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, etc for several years, with high quality and Bulk competitive price. We have about more than 15 different gemstone models for your choose, we also could do any logo or a customized package for you.

Material: Green Jade / Quartz Jade (15+gemstone)
Bottle size: 60*286 cm
Crystal Function: Balance, Relax,Reduce Stress 
Feature: Portable, Borosilicate, Glass, Crystal

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Crystal Frink Bottle Manufacturer Description:

Sukeauto has been one of the leading exporters of TIKTOK gemstone water bottle wholesale and rose quartz water bottle manufacturer in China since 2017.
We specialized in natural crystal elixir water bottle wholesale, amethyst water bottle, quartz water bottle; glass water bottle, smoky quartz water bottle, and healing crystal water bottle & elixir bottle.

This Crystal Healing Water Bottle is a must-have both if you already enjoy the benefits of the healing crystals or if you’re just getting into this new world of powerful invigorating energy. The positive benefits of drinking crystal energized water are usually felt right in the first week.

Water used to fill the bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy throughout the whole day! You can already get rid of your old plastic bottle, drinking this energized water will make you feel invigorated from the time that you wake up until you go to sleep.

If you value your personal health and the well being of the ones you love more than anything else, this water bottle is for you! If you’re not sure which bottle is the one for you the section below will help you chose the crystal that most connects with your current intention, bringing the most of your water

You don’t need to have any experience about importing, because a professional rose quartz water bottle factory will guides you step by step until you receive all products in your country, We have exported bulk amethyst water bottle to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia , Singapore, UK, and EU, for example, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland. But how to verify good quality when you buy crystal drink bottle from China, Send Enquiry to Sukeauto.

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