According to the United Nations, at least 800 species worldwide are affected by marine debris, and as much as 80 percent of that litter is plastic. It is estimated that up to 13 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year
Humans are not immune to this threat: While plastics are estimated to take up to hundreds of years to fully decompose, some of them break down much quicker into tiny particles, which in turn end up in the seafood we eat.

How horrible the news you read! Therefore more beach shop is looking for reusable metal straws to replace the plastic straw. When the shop owner bulk stainless steel straws, they ask the stainless steel straws manufacturers, is possible to custom colored metal straws to be ocean blue?

Sukeauto as the professional metal straws manufacturer will give a full analysis if can we custom blue metal straws like the ocean color?

1: Colored Stainless Steel Straws Crafts:

The colored stainless steel straw is used by Ultrasonic Titanium Coating technology.

First around 3000pcs sliver metal straws will be put in a titanium board in the stove, and then fire the stove. It’s totally different from PMS color. Any color is determined by time, how could I say, it’s like ceramic crafts, different time and fire will decide the different grade of ceramic.

After we tried more than 100pcs we got the slight light-blue, not likely similar to ocean blue, but as we explained the color is determined by time, that’s all we can do the best.


2: What Else Color Can Custom Metal Straws?

Normally we could custom gold metal straws, rainbow metal straws, metal straws rose gold, black metal straws, blue stainless steel straws, Purple metal straw, and Grey steel straw.

rainbow metal straws

Rainbow Metal Straws

blue metal straws

Blue Metal Straws

Black Metal straws

Black Metal Straws

gold metal straws

Gold Metal Straws

purple metal straws

Purple Metal Straws

metal straws rose gold

Rosegold Metal Straws

If you are a newbie who wants to start metal straws bulk business Check the article below:

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3: Are Colored Metal Straws Safe

As per described above, The colored stainless steel straw is used by Ultrasonic Titanium Coating technology, let us see what the ingredient of Ultrasonic Titanium Coating:


PVD coating technology is an environmentally friendly surface treatment method that can truly obtain micron-scale coating without pollution.
Principle: Ion plating (PVD coating) technology, the principle is to use low-voltage, high-current arc discharge technology under vacuum conditions, using gas discharge to vaporize the target and ionize the evaporated material, under the action of the electric field, The evaporated substance or its reaction product is deposited on the workpiece[Note:] Targets include single metal films (such as aluminum, titanium, zirconium, chromium, etc.), nitride films (TiN [titanium], ZrN [zirconium], CrN, TiAlN) and carbide films (TiC, TiCN). ), as well as oxide films (such as TiO, etc.).
The adhesion of the vacuum (PVD) coating layer to the surface of the workpiece is greater, the hardness of the film layer is higher, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are better, and the performance of the film layer is more stable; the type of film layer that can be plated by PVD coating More widely, the various layers that can be plated are more beautiful and more beautiful; PVD coatings do not produce toxic or contaminating substances. After the surface is subjected to vacuum ion plating, the wear resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance can be greatly improved, and the friction can be reduced to improve the hardness.

PVD ion plating has the following advantages:

1. The film layer has a strong bonding with the surface of the workpiece, which is more durable and wears resistant.
2. The diffraction performance of ions is good, and it is possible to plate workpieces with complex shapes.
3. The high deposition rate and high production efficiency
4. The wide range of coatable layers
5. Stable membrane performance and high safety (FDA-approved, implantable)

Conclusion: colored metal straws are totally safe to our health.