The world of attar bottles is vast and varied. From the intricate designs of fancy attar bottles to the practicality of empty attar bottles, there’s a bottle for every fragrance and purpose. Whether you’re looking for a 6ml attar bottle or a 100 ml attar bottle, the market has a plethora of options. But where do you source these bottles from? This article delves deep into the world of attar bottle manufacturing, highlighting the best in the business and offering tips for those looking to import these bottles.

Guangzhou, China:

Guangzhou is another city that has made its mark in the attar bottle industry. Known for its vast industrial landscape, Guangzhou is home to numerous factories producing empty attar bottles wholesale, fancy attar bottles wholesale, and more. With a rich history of trade and commerce, the city’s manufacturers have established strong distributor systems, ensuring that their products reach every corner of the globe.

Fengyang, China:

Fengyang is not just any city in China, it’s the heart of the attar bottle manufacturing industry. Located in Fengyang County, this city boasts reserves of quartz stone resources that have reached more than 10 billion tons. With an average SiO2 content of above 99.3%, its grade and reserves are unparalleled, ranking first in East China and among the best in the country. Such rich resources have made Fengyang a hub for glass and attar bottle production, catering to global demands.

Part 2. Best 5 Attar Bottle Manufacturer

Established in 2007, Beausino has grown to become a leading name in the glass packaging and glassware industry. Located in Fengyang County, China, the company specializes in manufacturing high-quality glassware products. With an annual output of over 200,000 tons of crystal glass and a sprawling factory area of 60,000 ㎡, Beausino caters to clients from more than 80 countries. Their product range is vast, including attar spray bottles, 12 ml attar bottles, and more. Their distributor system is robust, ensuring that their products are available worldwide. One of their standout advantages is their custom glassware manufacturing service, allowing clients to customize the size, shape, and design of their glassware.

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Glassays is a renowned manufacturer specializing in attar bottles. They offer a wide variety of attar bottles in different styles, shapes, and colors. Their product range includes round bottles, square bottles, cone-shaped bottles, and chattar bottles. Glassays ensures that their bottles are of high quality, catering to different viscosities of attars. They also emphasize the benefits of buying in bulk, offering competitive prices, a wide selection, better customer service, and faster shipping. Glassays has been in the business for over a decade, ensuring customer satisfaction with their high-quality products.

Nemat International is another notable name in the attar bottle manufacturing industry. While specific details about their history and product range were not provided in the search results, their prominence in the market suggests a strong presence and a trusted name in the industry.

Founded in 1910 by Osias Berk in Newark, New Jersey, O.Berk® has grown steadily, combining timeless values with modern design and technology. As one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in the USA, O.Berk® has expanded its services through several acquisitions, including the J.W. Wilson Glass Company, United Bottle Company, KOLS Containers, and many others. The company’s headquarters have seen several relocations, with its current base in Union since 1983. With expansive warehouses, O.Berk® serves over 3,500 esteemed consumer brands in the household, beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. Throughout its history, O.Berk® has remained committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, making it a leading full-service supplier of glass and plastic containers and closures on a national scale.

Sarbottam Glass Works stands as one of the oldest glass manufacturers in India. With a legacy spanning over a century, they are celebrated for their exquisite glass products. Their reputation for excellence in the attar bottle domain is unparalleled, making them a preferred choice for many businesses.

Part 3. Main Fairs for Attar Bottles Wholesale

The world of perfume and attar bottles is vast and ever-evolving. To keep up with the latest trends, designs, and innovations, industry professionals often attend specialized fairs and exhibitions. These events provide a platform for perfume bottle manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to showcase their products, network with industry peers, and forge new business partnerships. Here are some notable fairs for perfume bottles:

International Perfume Bottle Association Convention:

The IPBA hosts an annual convention that gathers enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals from around the world. This event showcases a plethora of perfume bottles, including empty attar bottles, fancy attar bottle, 6ml attar bottle, 3ml attar bottle, and more. The convention offers a unique platform for attendees to explore the history, artistry, and craftsmanship of perfume bottles. Highlights include educational sessions, interactive discussions, and a grand exhibition and sale featuring leading dealers in the field. The convention also hosts special events like the Perfume Bottle Design Competition, where talented designers showcase their creative works

Scent Fair LA

Another event to note is the Scent Fair LA, which celebrates artisan, independent, and experimental scent practices. This fair is a hub for innovative and unique scent products, making it a must-visit for those interested in perfume bottles wholesale and other related items.

Conclusion About Wholesale Attar Bottle Manufacturer

In conclusion, China has emerged as a global hub for attar bottle manufacturers, offering a vast range of designs and capacities. With advanced manufacturing techniques and a keen understanding of market demands, perfume bottle manufacturers in China are poised to meet the diverse needs of global clients efficiently and innovatively.


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